So they have been announced for a little while now, but today we ask the important question about the two new 40k Start Collecting boxes – are they Worth it? So grab a brew, find a comfy chair, and let’s dive in.

Primaris Space Marines

Coming up first we have the Primaris Space Wolves box. Containing a Primaris Captain/Battle Leader, three Primaris Aggressors, ten Primaris Intercessors and two Space Wolves upgrade sprues, there is a good chunk in this box.

Primaris Space Wolves Start Collecting Box

A few interesting things to note are the way the kit is made up. I was half expecting Games Workshop to include the easy build intercessors and aggressors. But a look at the sprues shows these to be the full kits. This means you can kit them out with either set of weapons, which is a great plus.

The other bonus for me, an Ultramarines player, was that the ‘Space Wolves’ bit on the troops was handled by way of upgrade sprues. This means that it is a pretty viable option for me as a way to expand my army.

As expected, the Captain is a Space Wolves mini. But as he was last seen in the Tooth and Claw box set in August 2018, there may be some value to him if you wanted to sell him on. Likewise, the Space Wolves upgrade sprues may be worth something to someone.

Worth it?

UnitCost separately
Space Wolf Battle Leader (equivalent)£22.50
10x Intercessors£35.00
3x Aggressors£30.00
2x Space Wolves Upgrade Sprue£16.00

Looking purely at the figures, we can see there is a monetary saving to be had with the box. I have based the captain on the Primaris HQ choices available as a comparison. Even for me, I am saving £5 on the units I want. And then I have sprues I can either give to friends or sell on. Or even put in the bitz box.

For a Space Wolves player looking to get some cost-effective Primaris minis, this is definitely worth it. It is also worth it for someone looking to start Space Wolves in 8th Edition.

For anyone else, probably not. But then, none of the boxes really are unless you have some kind of interest, so nothing new there. All in all, a very good box I intend to pick up myself.

Thousand Sons

Ah, the Rubric Marines, led by none other than Ahriman himself. Straight away we know we are in for a set designed to get your attention, a named character in one of the Start Collecting boxes is a big deal.

Thousand Sons Start Collecting Box

This box contains Ahriman mounted upon a Disc of Tzeentch, ten Tzaangors, ten Rubric Marines and two Tzaangor Upgrade Packs. 21 models in a Start Collecting box for £60?!?! Brilliant.

I expect this box will be very popular. Chaos has had a resurgence recently, and Rubric Marines seem to be making their way into Chaos Soup Lists from what I have seen.

Worth It?

UnitCost separately
10x Tzaangors£25.00
10x Rubric Marines£32.50
2x Tzaangor Upgrade Packs£16.00

Interestingly, not quite as much of a saving as the Space Wolves set, but I still cannot stop smiling about Ahriman being included in the box set! Although I play Ultramarines, I will always have a slight soft spot for Tzeentch. My first ever Warhammer model was a Knight of Chaos who worshipped Tzeentch, as part of the Chaos Warband narrative in White Dwarf many, many moons ago.

If you are looking to make a Thousand Sons army, or pad out a Chaos Soup army list, you can do a lot worse than picking up this box set.

So there we go. What do you think? Have you got your eyes set on either of these box sets? Do you think they are Worth It? Leave me a comment, get in touch, and let me know!

Until next time, peace out.