Over the weekend, the price of the Blood of the Phoenix box was confirmed at £140, to much uproar and conversion on various social media sites. This sounds like a good reason to ask, it is Worth It?

First things first, what is in the box? In basic terms, you have 25 models and a book. Based around a ‘civil war’ style battle between the Jain Zar and the Howling Banshees of the Craftworlds, going up against Drazhar and a selection of Drukhari units. This is split up as follows:

– Jain Zar
– 5 Howling Banshees
– 1 Falcon
– 1 Vyper

– Drazhar
– 5 Incubi
– 5 Scourges
– 5 Hellions
– 1 Venom

Eight ‘Craftworlds’ models go up against seventeen Drukhari models. So at a very basic level, it does not seem worth it if you are looking for just the Howling Banshees side. Of course, some units are worth more than others, side perhaps it levels out on points, however, I wouldn’t be able to confirm without access to the book itself.

Worth It?

Right, money savings as a whole. The big thing that people will use to defend or justify if the box is Worth It? Firstly, some of this will be speculative, as the new kits are not yet priced and the old kits have been removed from the shop. And, as it happens, no I do not have the old prices written down just in case.

So, a couple of named characters. I am going to value each of them at £17.50 for now. It is kinda hard to gauge, as the current Aeldari characters are largely £15. But these are fine cast models and so not a like for like comparison. I honestly would not be surprised to see them more at £20-25 mark if GW decided to mark them inline with the latest character releases.

With the Howling Banshees and Incubi, it is unclear if they will be released as a five mini or ten mini kit, but I suspect five. With that in mind, I expect these kits to be priced at £25. We have seen there are a couple of customisable options in them and they are nice moulds.

Right, now to the kits that haven’t been touched. The Falcon is priced at £32.50 and the Vyper is £20. The Scourges and Hellions are £17.50 each, while the Venom is £20. Lastly, we know the book is going to be £25.

Adding all of this together, we get a rough estimated value of £217.50. That gives you a saving of £77.50, again based on my estimated values. So from the most basic of monetary valuations, is it Worth It? Yes. If you want all the models and the book.

Summary Thoughts

And that brings me on to the first of two key points for me. These kits are most worth it if you want everything in the box. Let’s say two friends go into GW and split a box between them and the cost of an additional book. That has the cost of £165 if they pick it up together, or £82.50 each.

The Craftworlds stuff combined, plus a book is £120. So that is a saving of £37.50. The Drukhari side is £122.50. So a similar saving of £40. But this requires having someone to split the box with.

If you then take it up a level and think about competitive play. Now, this is a weird subject because there are plenty of people that will say they don’t care about competitive play.

But the Howling Banshees have not been a ‘great’ unit choice for a while. For a close combat unit, they aren’t very good at actually killing things. In the current meta, they largely exist to tie up shooting units, particularly Tau ones, by being able to charge without being overwatched. I guess however we can hold out hope for some nice new updates to them in the book.

But The Cost?!?

The last thing and the main thing here is the cost of the box. £140 is a lot of money. Yes, it’s a large saving compared to buying everything separately. But Games Workshop gets to decide to what goes in the box. They could make take out the vehicles, lower the cost and still have a saving. £140 in one go would be basically all the money I allocate for hobby and spending a month, meaning I wouldn’t be buying anything else that month.

I worry that it also sets a precedent for ever-increasing box sets. And considering we are still waiting for the last few bits of the kits from the Shadowspear box, how long might we have to wait before we get to buy the models by themselves? It could well be six months.

So let’s go back to the initial question. Is blood of the Phoenix Worth It? In many ways, yes. You make some huge savings, get access to some very nice models you cannot currently get any other way and it can be a good way to get a Ynnari army in one box, although the unit choices might leave a fair amount to be desired.

Before I end up rambling too much, I should probably bring this to a close. But what do you think? Will you be getting it? Do you think this set benefits anyone in particular? Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch on facebook or twitter.

And until next time, peace out.