I am not a massive fan of making plans in advance, because far too often the day comes around and I just do not really feel up for doing what I had previously agreed to. The funny thing is that often if I end up doing the thing, because I cannot get out of it, I often find that I enjoy myself and have a good time despite my initial feelings of not wanting to at the start of the day.

This weekend, me and Abi were meant to have plans yesterday that involved going into London and ultimately probably making a day out of it. Unfortunately, we discovered on Friday (I think it was Friday) that we had left it too late to organise the main thing we had intended to do and so decided not to bother going into London. This was largely my suggestion. I felt like if we didn’t go into London, I could get loads done up home, the tidying up, playing on the Xbox and some time writing. Except it’s currently 8:15pm on Sunday as I write this and I have managed to write a total of 59 words towards my story. I have played quite a lot of Xbox, and I have spent hours thinking about my story but on all but one occasion that I have opened up Word I have just stared at the blank page and the flashing cursor before getting angry at myself and going back to the Xbox or just lay down and fall asleep. At stupid times of the day which I fully expect will impact on my sleep tonight and so leave me tired at work tomorrow morning.


That said, maybe it is a good thing to do that every so often. I assume my body must have been tired but it still feels like a waste of an afternoon. Anyway, I am meant to be eating dinner and watching TV. We recorded a show called ‘London Spy’ for Abi’s mum to watch and despite it not being quite what we expected from the title, and a little slow going to begin with, it does seem rather intriguing and I am hoping to pick up little bits of inspiration from where ever I can at the minute.

I have a general theme and setting for my story that has really started to formulate in my head this weekend, I am just struggling to put it down into words, particularly in the context of the world I am trying to create. So that is a positive and perhaps I will try to hold on to that when considering if this weekend has been wasted or not.