Back in April, the blog took on its current iteration as a Warhammer related blog. I would write about my experiences getting back into the hobby, the occasional battle report and my thoughts and opinions on some things but largely it attempted to be a news site, reporting on the latest developments from Games Workshop.

The problem was that I could not keep up. This blog has never been my full-time job and the combined effort of my job, helping my wife find a job and get moved in and the various other parts of life that just seem to take longer than you expect, well, it just took up more and more time and I found myself thinking “What’s the point?” when it came to the blog.

The people that read this blog, as far as I could tell, weren’t coming here to check the latest news. There are far too many other ways to do that, not least the Warhammer Community page. I didn’t want to end up like BoLS or SpikeyBits, more concerned with rumour-mongering and speculation that satisfying content.

What I think people were interested in were the things I can actually add to a post, my thoughts and opinions. And what I am most interested in is battle reports and a degree of storytelling from these.

So, what does this mean? It means I haven’t lost any enthusiasm for the hobby. If anything, I have even more. But I will be changing the format of the blog. If you are looking for the latest news, I suggest you keep an eye on Warhammer Community. I’ll happily give my opinions on news that interests me, but it likely won’t be on every new article.

What I do want to do is more battle reports, with more painted minis (no more grey shame!). I want to do a more in-depth analysis of Space Marine units and a couple of other armies that I play. I want to do ‘New Year, New Army’ and track the progress on here.

So, apologies for the prolonged absence here on the blog, but I continue to stick at the hobby and have been improving as a painter and a gamer. Tune in next time for something a bit more fun!