As I get older, not only does ‘Rule of Cool’ become more of an interesting aspect of the hobby to me, but I find myself more and more interested in the horror side of the fluff and lore of the hobby. And boy, does The Unmade feed that desire.

Warcry is a skirmish style game set in the Age of Sigmar world, featuring some truly incredible minis split up into factions. For now, the factions revealed have been leaning towards the Chaos end of the spectrum, and raise images of classic horror in ways no other minis have done before, certainly in my memory.

Look at these minis. Look at them! These are horrible in the most amazing way. Sure, when you typically think of Chaos you think of the various daemons, or maybe even the Chaos Knights, but there are definitely weird and twisted followers somewhere in the Mortal Realms that are doing weird and/or horrible things in an attempt to draw the attention and blessings of the Chaos Gods and you sure as hell know some of them are chopping off limbs and replacing them with blades and chunks of metal. Hence, The Unmade.

Although I have been concentrating on my Ultramarines and Stormcast recently, I have been so incredibly excited as the previews of the Warcry warbands and this is yet another preview that is building that excitement.

From what we have been able to establish so far, Warcry will feature small warbands, not dissimilar to Kill Teams in 40k, and has been described as coffee table AND coffee break friendly. Warbands look to have around five to seven models, will be played on heavily terrain filled maps and be great for players looking to play out campaigns or narrative driven games.

What do you think of the latest Warband to be previewed? Are you as excited as me? What is your favourite Warband so far?!? Leave me a message below!

Until next time, peace out.