If you can rely on one thing from White Dwarf issues, it is amazing and inspiring artwork and paint jobs and this issue does not disappoint. Let’s take a look at The Top Notes.

Blazoned over the front cover is a fyreslayer, a red-haired, bare-chested hulking dwarf, battle axe in each hand and looking ready to kill you for stepping foot in its mountain. And rightly so.

Age of Sigmar

As you would expect, Fyreslayers get a nice chunk of this months issue with a short story, some fluff, warscrolls and the paint splatter all dedicated to the red-headed squats. Of interest (to me anyway) is the inclusion of the contrast paints in the tutorial. Down at my local club quite a few people, myself included, have discussed how we are no longer worried about doing flesh due to contrast paints, and a few have even expressed an interest in Fyreslayers as their next projects, contrast paints lending themselves well to both the flesh and the mohawks and beards.

From an Age of Sigmar stance, another personal highlight was Dan Harden’s white and blue Stormcast at the bottom of page 21, a classy colour scheme when implemented to that high a standard.

Warhammer 40,000

Looking into the grim dark future, we have a nice explanation as to the thought process behind army rules, using Genestealers as a case study. Definitely worth a read if you ever find yourself thinking some armies are inherently broken or OP due to their army rules.

We also get a ‘Tale of Four Warlords’ catch up after their ‘hiatus’ for Christmas. These are often my favourite sections of an issue, the idea of building an army over time allows us to see the time and effort on individual models which I find more inspiring than suddenly seeing a 2,000 point army appear.

That said, I always pay attention when a Battle Report with Space Marines appears in the hopes I pick up some tips on battle strategy and this month we get 130 power level of Ultramarines to go head to head with Genestealer Cult.

Lastly, for the 40k section, we have some profiles for a variety of Daemons of Slaanesh.

Middle Earth

A small section on Middle Earth this month, with two new battle scenarios flavoured around evil forces hunting for a Dwarven Ring.

Extra! Extra!

Covering pretty much everything else Games Workshop sells these days, we see Kill Team, Blackstone Fortress, Nightvault and Blood Bowl all get mentions before the Black Library segment. As a big fan of Blood Bowl, I was pleased to see the halflings get a feature!

As White Dwarf’s go, this months issue was pretty solid for me, but I caveat that I know this is because it ticked off the armies I collect along with some interesting fluff and some inspiring paint jobs.

If any of the above sounds of interest to you, it is probably worth a purchase. White Dwarf is one of those magazines that every so often is a really good purchase but is almost always at least a nice source of inspiration. You can pick it up at your local store, online at GW’s website or in most shops that cater to hobby magazines.

Right, that is it for this month’s The Top Notes. Until next time, peace out.