In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. And continually losing battles of Warhammer 40k, apparently. At least for me.

The people who have known me since living in Luton will know I used to regularly go to a table top gaming club where, amongst other games, I primarily played Warhammer 40k, a table tap miniature game set in the far future. When I then moved up North for a while, and then back down South for a while longer, whilst I never lost interest in the hobby, I fell out of touch with it for around 10 years, with intermittent visits to somewhat local shops keeping the interest, but with no club or official store close enough to really satiate my desire.

Since moving to Wakefield, and discovering that there was still an official Warhammer store, it has become one of my main forms of being social outside of work hours, having routinely attended on Thursday evenings and weekends. As a result, I am now back to building and painting models (both old and new) and have started adventuring in battles with fellow nerds.

The thing is, whilst my painting is gradually improving back to a level I am actually quite happy with, my ability to put together a decent army list and battle well has gotten pretty dire and whilst I have never taken results of battles too much to heart previously, I find myself getting increasingly frustrated in recent weeks at my inability to be effective in this part of the hobby.

It would be easy for me to say it is because I have been up against people with more money than me, that have been able to buy more models and more expensive kits than me. In part, this is true. I have gone up against players who pretty much always have one or two models or units that make up a significant amount of their points allowance, but in all these instances I have not found a way to deal with it, which I need to. It’s a challenge, but that is where the real reward is for me. Not in blindly winning, but by losing and learning from the experience. I just need to get on with the learning bit.

So I am doing this post to put something in writing, or down in words, or pixels, whatever. But something to challenge myself. To hold myself accountable to. Something to strive towards. Until next time.