The first episode of Tales of a Returning Gamer sees me getting back up to date with the hobby which was previously a massive part of my life.

For a period of about ten years, my interaction with the hobby largely existed in just collecting, infrequent visits to Games Workshop stores or independent shops and browsing the range before convincing myself it was fine for me to buy a model or book.

During this time my sizeable Space Marine army was boxed up in a loft and any models I bought were based either on Rule of Cool or if I could use them in a D&D setting.

A collection of books from my first era of collecting

At the very end of December 2018, I moved Wakefield and was pleased to discover that Wakefield has its own Games Workshop store and a relatively new Store Manager (but very experienced within working for Games Workshop) who really friendly and took the time to explain to me the changes that had happen whilst I had not been an active participant in the hobby.

In a nutshell, here is what I learned:
– I had skipped from 4th Edition of 40k to 8th Edition(!);
– The Fantasy world had blown up and been recreated as a way to introduce a new system in the Age of Sigmar;
– Gloriously detailed minis. The quality of the plastic minis had gotten amazingly good;
– No more monkey metal! Again, due to the increase in the quality of the plastic moulding, all new heroes and fancy models were simply plastic, while the old metal models were now resin; and
– New/expanded factions, particularly for 40k.

As a returning Space Marine player, I was pleased to find that the rules for the 40k had not changed all that much, and actually, I think I prefer the current version of the rules.

The biggest change for me that I have struggled to adapt to is the new factions, and the change in the balance to the competitive side of the game, something I will expand on in a future episode.

One of my first games back playing

The change I really want to focus on in this post though is the change in my status with the game. I was once again a more involved player and hobbyist, and would soon become a regular attender of my local store, with friends at the store, which was a huge help as part of moving half way across the country.

In Tales of a Returning Gamer, I will cover a lot of good and even some bad points about the hobby, but the very best thing for me has been getting back into the social side, and I think that is a nice note to end this first part on.

Until next time, peace out.