A strong album title, Love is Dead is Chvrches third studio album. And although it still sounds like Chvrches, with Lauren Mayberry’s vocals as great as ever, it is undeniably an evolution of their style as a band.

This should not be a surprise really, given they have for the first time enlisted the help of co-producers, and the album sounds, and feels, the better for it. And I genuinely mean that as a compliment, The Bones of What You Believe and Open Every Eye were my favourite albums of 2013 and 2015 respectively, and even before the release of Love is Dead I was excited for the opportunity to seem them perform live again.

The subjects behind the lyrics have also taken an evolution, whether that is as a result of increased confidence in their ability to cover such topics, or simply because they have felt more inclined to cover them, topics such as religion, politics, Grenfell Tower and Syrian refugees feature, the sort of topics that feel familiar to me from my interest in punk rock and it is to the band’s credit that they do not feel out of place in a more pop/electric surrounding.

The pre-release of the singles built up my already solid expectations of the album and I am pleased to say that these were met and then some. Now, if they could just announce some non-festival UK tour dates, that would be great (please and thank you!).