After a few weeks of initial teasing, and some speculation as to what it will mean for the game, we now know what Psychic Awakening is. Kind of.

Psychic Awakening is set to be the next narrative campaign in the 40k universe. And according to the Warhammer Community feature, it will feature something new for every faction.

Not only is the news of a new campaign exciting (it will be my first campaign at my new local Games Workshop store) but there is still a fair amount of speculation and reading between the lines to be done.

New Area of the Universe

Firstly, Psychic Awakening is stated as focusing “on a different war zone, providing a new perspective to this galaxy-spanning event”. There has been speculation for a while that we are going to see a narrative event reach Terra. And whilst I am not necessarily expecting this campaign to be this event, the shifting of areas and officially named areas of the universe supports the possibility.

Multiple Books

Secondly, the post goes on to state “each book will have powerful and thematic rules updates for at least two Factions, giving you more flexibility than before”. This supports another expected shift for Games Workshop following the Space Marines supplements and I think we can expect to see this stick around for the foreseeable future.

This suggests to me that each book will likely focus on a battle event between two or three, maybe four, factions at a time with the special rules for those factions featuring in that book, along with some thematic missions. This is pretty similar to the Vigilus event and books, although I expect more than two books in this instance.

New Models

Games Workshop has also announced that a swathe of new models will be hitting the shelves, including the first-ever plastic Howling Banshees.

There are quite a few armies out there, particularly Xenos ones, that are well overdue a little love in the non-plastic mini department. Eldar are also incredibly popular in the competitive scene. New minis for existing data sheets is likely easier than introducing new units as well.


The main rumour before the announcement was some talk about a 40k version of Age of Sigmar’s Endless Spells. This announcement does not completely end this possibility. But you would think something like that would be mentioned in the announcement if it were true. For now, I think we can file that away under the unlikely category.

What do you think about the announcement of Psychic Awakening? Have you taken part in official campaigns before? What new plastic versions of existing models would you like to see the most?

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Until next time, peace out.