Let’s get real for a moment. We play with toy soldiers. And that’s awesome! But you know what else is also awesome. I’ll give you a clue, it’s the title of this post. Primaris Action Figure!

Now, this is not a new announcement. Most people in the community have known about it for some time now. But the photos shared recently have got me really excited for the most expensive action figure I think I’ll have ever bought.

Look at it! It’s huge! And yes, Primaris Space Marine’s should be, so it makes sense the Primaris Action Figure would be.

Whilst this one is coloured in the glorious Ultramarine blue, there were a number of photos doing the rounds which showed the figure in the grey plastic previously seen on the Funko POP paint it yourself Intercessor. Interestingly, that one also had a combat knife.

Whether the model comes pre-painted or not, I certainly expect to see loads of custom paint jobs on Instagram shortly after release. There are some amazing painters out there, even on this scale, and I cant wait to see them.

Right, until next time, keep it easy and peace out.