Whenever Games Workshop announces something big is going to happen in the 40k game, the internet goes wild. The rumour mill starts whirring. Certain sites that shall remain nameless get their knickers in a twist about what this means for the game. And with the announcement of the first Psychic Awakening book, Phoenix Rising, we find ourselves walking down this familiar path.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Speculation is fun. As Emily Dickinson once wrote, hope is the thing with feathers. No matter what army you collect, you always feel like you want more. Maybe even need more. Even Space Marine players, on the back of one of the biggest overhauls of a codex I have seen in years, want more.

And so with the anticipation of the first book having been named, what am I predicting may happen. And what reasons do I have to think these may happen. The great thing is, we have an update coming on Monday so we don’t even have to wait that long.

What’s In A Name?

Phoenix Rising. Great name. Summons some really great imagery. In general mythology, the Phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolised rebirth and renewal due to its ability to be reborn from its own ashes, having died in a blaze of flames.

In 40k, the term Phoenix reminds me most of the various Phoenix Lords of the Aeldari. Given the Howling Banshee rune present at the end of the preview video for Psychic Awakening, it would make sense to open strong with the Aeldari for the first book.

So Eldar It Is Then?

A popular army on the competitive scene, I find it a little odd that they aren’t really played at our local club but maybe this is due to the limited box sets available in-store and the age of the codexes and minis. The Craftworlds codex came out in October 2017 and the Drukhari one in April 2018.

The tease of new, plastic, Howling Banshee minis also recognises the need to make new minis that meet the standards of the more modern minis and the need for non-resin/metal minis.

Even the name of the narrative event, Psychic Awakening, brings the Eldar to the front of your mind. No race in the 40k universe is more psychically attuned than the Eldar. So yeah, I’m prepared to go on record saying I think Aeldari, in one form or another, will feature in Phoenix Rising.

Any Other Predictions?

Of course! One thing we know from the initial Psychic Awakenening announcement is that “each book will have powerful and thematic rules updates for at least two Factions“. So we have at least one more faction for new rules in Phoenix Rising. And my guess is….. the forces of Slaanesh.

Why Slaanesh I hear you ask? Two reasons, the Ynnari, and Primarchs.

One of the longest-running stories in the 40k lore is the slow demise of the Aeldari race and how this is linked with the rise of Slaanesh. Earlier this year we had the release of the Ynnari box set, the Triumvirate of Ynnead. According to the fluff, these three characters symbolise a new ideology of salvation from the fate Slaanesh had placed on the Aeldari race.

It seems to me that purely from a lore stance, it would make sense to see these two ancient foes feature prominently in the first book of a narrative event called Psychic Awakening. We also don’t see Slannesh very often in 40k these days, particularly as they don’t have their own book or variant Space Marines.

I also mention Primarchs as a reason. Currently, Chaos has two daemon Primarchs in Mortarion and Magnus, representing Nurgle and Tzeentch respectively. Space Marine and Chaos players are also saying they want more Primarchs in the game and Fulgrim was the Primarch of The Emperor’s Children who, following the events of the Horus Heresy, was consumed by the Chaos God Slaanesh.

And what was his title? Phoenician, another term for the mythical Phoenix.

So Eldar and Fulgrim Confirmed?

No, of course not. But this is a fan site and I’m trying to use some fluff and a bit of logic to make an educated guess that I think would be plausible and fun or interesting.

I guess what I am saying is that speculating on things like this can be fun as long as everyone keeps an open mind about the potential possibilities. If I’m somehow correct, great. But if not, no worries. Whatever the book does contain is sure to be great. Because who doesn’t like new stuff? Exactly, no one.

So what do you think about the Psychic Awakening, and the first book Phoenix Rising? Do you agree with my predictions, or do you think it could be different factions? Let me know in the comments below, or message me on Facebook or Twitter! Until next time, peace out.