I do not normally do New Year Resolutions, but this year I intend to set myself some kind of goals for me to aim for. Hopefully this will help me at those times throughout the year where I am feeling a bit stale or stagnated and unsure what to do with myself.

The first thing is to continue with my photography. I feel I had a good 2014, entering a few competitions and, whilst I did not win any of them, it has been interesting working to ‘guidelines’ or specific criteria and has helped me push myself outside of my comfort zone. I’ve already started working on renovating my photography site, which is undergoing a rebrand currently. I am aiming to have that site launched on 1 February, and I will be announcing it here and on Twitter when it is ready.

Secondly, and something a lot of people will hope I do, is to start my driving lessons and pass my test. With a house move penned for February half term, I will then be able to get in contact with a driving instructor and know that I am going to be in the area for long enough to see out my lessons. I would like to think I will be able to pass before my birthday (3 December) especially if I can get in a lesson every week or two.

Thirdly, and lastly, to try and start doing some more exercise then the very little I currently do. Again, I think this will likely be something that gets better once we have moved as I will be close to some friends who will keep me company on runs etc which will help me when I’m lacking motivation.

So, those are my goals for 2015. Have you set yourself any resolutions or goals for the year? Have you got a record for not really keeping your resolutions? If so, let me know. Peace.