It has been a fairly quiet week here on the blog. The day job proved to be very busy. In the hobby world, we have the new Space Marines on pre-order, with more to come next week.

Currently Available To Preorder

As expected, the main Space Marine codex will set you back £25, while the supplements come in at £17.50. There are also some very nice looking special editions at £150 and £40 respectively. As expected, however, despite the ridiculous cost the special edition Space Marine codex has already sold out online.

Alongside the books, we also have the Space Marines, Ultramarines and White Scars data cards at £10 each and you will “need” both the base Space Marines and supplement data cards if you intend to use them fully. Games Workshop has also released some Ultramarines and White Scars dice for £20, and a White Scars Primaris Upgrade Sprue, including transfers, for £15.

On Preorder Next Week

Next week we get some more new Space Marines on pre-order. The Captain and Librarian, both in Phobos armour, from the Shadowspear set will be available individually. I suspect for £22.50 each.

We also have the Invictor Tactical Warsuit with the ridiculous heavy pistol weapon being made available to pre-order, along with the Primaris Lieutenant model from the Wake the Dead boxset.

The Redemptor Dreadnought costs £40, so I suspect the Warsuit will be in the same sort of region. Dark Angels have a Primaris Lieutenant model currently priced at £17.50 so hopefully this will be the same cost, otherwise, expect it to come in around the £20-22.50 mark.

Still To Come?

This does, however, mean that we do not yet have dates for the Impulsor vehicle, the Eliminators or the Infiltrator/Incursor kits, the last of which I am most excited for currently.

If you are after more info regarding the new codex and supplements, a few of the 40k YouTube channels got their hands on preview copies and have already published some videos. Channels I follow myself include Tabletop Tactics and D6 Evolution, so make yourself a brew and go drop them a watch and see what you think.

That’s pretty much it for the current Space Marines on pre-order, but tune in again throughout the week as we discuss more news as it breaks. Plus, I have a couple more battle reports to write up, and another Tales of a Returning Gamer.

Until next time, peace out.