This blog post is going to come at you with two very mixed sets of feelings. We now have more details on the new Space Marines Codexes. Some through official channels and some through unofficial channels. Some of it is quite interesting, and a great tease. Other bits make me feel all sad and angry inside.

Codex And Supplement Prices

Let’s do the sad and angry bits first, to try and end on happier notes. Coming via the means of third party sellers, the prices for the Space Marines Codex and Supplements have been slated as £25 and £17.50 respectively.

For an Ultramarines player like myself or a White Scars player, that means shelling out £42.50 to field the same army I have all year. And that is before I spend any more money on new units or models. Which I won’t be doing the same month as the codexes as that will be all my allotted Warhammer money gone on datasheets.

The problem is, I love books. I love fluff and lore and that kind of stuff. But I don’t need that part. I will, however, need the new keywords, and weapon options for existing models. The updated chapter tactics the like. And, as above, the new datasheets for new units will be needed in due course (I really like the look of the Incursor squad!).

Infiltrators and Friends

The guy on the right has an Infiltrator Comms Array

Happy, fun stuff now. Infiltrators will keep the ability to set up outside of your deployment zone and use their Omni-scramblers to prevent units entering from reinforcement within 12-inches of the squad. But as an alternative to the Helix adept, you can now take an Infiltrator Comms Array instead.

Whilst you won’t be able to heal and revive models, you will instead be able to take advantage of any aura effects from Captain and Lieutenant models in Phobos armour even when out of range. Super useful for protecting characters whilst still getting bonuses!

In addition to the Infiltrators that we already know and (perhaps) love, we also have another unit that can be built from the Infiltrator box set, the Incursor squad.

Not only do they sport a visor that Cyclops would be jealous of, but they have a fancy scope on their guns which negates cover saves AND have equipment which allows them to ignore negative modifiers to hit. So, starting the game outside of your deployment zone, bolter discipline with their rapid-fire guns and that prepared positions your opponent took is pointless. Ouch.

The Incursors also have some more tricks up their sleeves. The first of which comes in the shape of a huge land mine. Once set, the first enemy unit to move within 3-inches of the mine suffers D3 mortal wounds. Unless it is a vehicle and then it is D3+1. They also have some funky close combat weapons that mean once in combat and natural 6’s to hit scores an additional hit. Useful when used in addition to Shock Assault as part of Angels of Death. I love the sound of this unit so far!

Impulsor Transport

A quick one for this, because we don’t have a huge amount to go on yet, but what we do have is fairly interesting. Firstly, it can carry 6 Primaris models. Which is less than we were hoping, but will hopefully be a much more viable option compared to the Repulsor.

The most interesting thing for me, given the Land Raider Crusader does not have this (yet, fingers crossed) is the Assault Vehicle description.

Being able to disembark after the vehicle has moved is pretty huge when compared to the current situation. The wording is very vague at this point, so I am hoping Land Raiders will see this keyword added to their profiles in the new Space Marines codexes.

Additional things of interest for the Impulsor include options for 4+ invulnerable save, missile pods and the option for a once a game orbital bombardment.

Invictor Tactical Warsuit

Now for this guy. A lot of people had been saying we were getting a Scout Dreadnought. And whilst it turned out it wasn’t technically a dreadnought, turns out it is a scout, being able to be set up in a forward position like Scouts and Infiltrators/Incursors. With its range weapons (below) this should be pretty interesting.

A 2D6 Heavy flamer is nice, especially when it can hit on the first turn. And two Twin Ironhail Autocannons on the unit, giving six strength seven hits each at a range of 48 inches. Two damage each as well. Boom. I really like the idea of this model. I really need to see the rest of its datasheet.


The last of the units to look at from the new Space Marines codexes, we now have a look at the profile of the Lasfusil. Definitely designed to be an anti-tank version of the weapon, strength eight, AP-3 and damage three is sure to make short work of all but the toughest vehicles your opponent has to offer.

Another interesting ability is the sergeant having the option to skip his shooting to instead do some buffing of his unit, adding +1 to the rest of the unit’s hit and wound rolls. I wonder if we will see the maximum squad size increase for the Eliminators.

The is also an ability where an Eliminator Sergeant armed with a certain gun can help the unit take a movement after completing its overwatch. This sounds pretty interesting, given I typically keep my Eliminators in the back corner of the board firing without a line of sight, it should add to the survivability of them from deep strikers.

Angels of Death: Combat Doctrines

Phew. This has been a long one. But fear not, for this post is coming to an end. The last thing from the new Space Marines Codexes to look at are the doctrines. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail on this, but the basis is that your army starts on the Devastator Doctrine in turn one, and then from turn two you can switch into the Tactical Doctrine. Finally, from the turn after you switch to Tactical Doctrine, you can switch again to the Assault Doctrine. Each doctrine sets the tone for the phase of the game you are in, giving you bonuses to your AP for certain types of weapons.

Right, that brings this preview to a close. Whilst I am still salty about the pricing for the new Space Marines codexes, I am incredibly excited about some of the new keywords and abilities described above and I can’t wait to get the book and read them properly.

Untile next time, peace out.