We knew it was coming, so I can’t claim to have called it. Really, the collective Warhammer community called it. But that does not mean we don’t have to be excited by it! I am of course talking about the new Space Marine and new primaris models revealed yesterday evening. This comes on the back of weeks of teases and rumours on the interwebs.

Codex and Supplements

I am going to get started with the books first. To be frank, these are some of the bits I am most excited with. Due to logistical reasons more than anything.

Currently, when I go down to my club, I have to take my current Codex, the Shadowspear index and Vigilus Ablaze, as well as Chapter Approved, a White Dwarf and various other reference material. Now, not all of this is for Space Marines admittedly. But I will always be an advocate of having things easier to find during a gaming session.

With that in mind, as well as the monetary cost, I am a little concerned about the announcement of a new codex AND codex supplements. This is likely that I have previously been spoilt as an Ultramarines player, I have never had to worry about my characters and lore not being in the main Space Marine codex.

But the prospect of a new Space Marines (current one is £30) and needing an Ultramarines supplement (at, say, around £20) and suddenly I still need the same number of books for another £50+. And I may still need the other books if the Specialist Detachments from Vigilus Ablaze are not covered in the new codex(s).

New Primaris Characters

For as much as we have had new primaris models periodically through 8th edition, these latest announcements are some of the best news from the announcement. Not only do they give us some new models for old characters that, frankly, also need a rework. But it also means the characters stay relevant and stay a bit more competitive in army list. It also opens up the door for other characters to undergo the rubicon process.

New Kits for Shadowspear Units

New characters are exciting. They definitely are. But the main thing here is the reveals of the previously blurred models after weeks of teases. Now I have mixed feelings on some of these, I won’t lie. Let’s get in them each below.

I am going to start with my least favourite of the new models, the Infiltrators. This is biased, but I have not had the greatest success with these guys in games. And the antenna made them a pain to fit into my old style carry case. Their bolters are not as good as those carried by the Intercessors. They only have 24-inch range, and 0AP, but they do automatically wound on a hit roll of a 6. They do however have the option for regenerating wounds and dead models in the unit.

More so than the infiltrators, I think we were all expecting an Eliminators kit, but I was not expecting it to be three brand new poses. That said, I quite like the eliminators in-game and these poses are even more stylish. It will be nice to see the new weapon option as well that was spied on the Apocalypse datasheet.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen a new unit, but I guess proper kits for the Shadowspear units is to be expected. Although there is no proper photo of it in the reveal, the Librarian in Phobos Armour also played a part in the reveal video so I wonder if we will get a single model kit for this, which would be nice. I love that model.

Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour

I won’t go into a huge amount of detail on the new Lieutenant in Phobos armour model, as we have known about this model for a little while now. But it is a nice model, with a nice and dynamic pose. So we can be grateful for that.

The Invictor Tactical Warsuit

Arguably the most controversial new primaris model revealed. What many of us were expecting to be a scout variant of a dreadnought sort of is that. But is not a dreadnought, it is a Tactical warsuit. Right.

Looking like something out of a sci-fi film, the guns fixed to the model look more like something from an Ad-mech or Guard tank, but I do note the huge bolter on the left hip of the model, implying it can shoot it in the shooting phase and then use the close combat power fist type weapon in the fight phase.

I quite like the model, even if I find it odd they have not just made it a bit of a dreadnought variant. Still, I will reserve my position until I see the datasheet and weapon profiles. That’s the main thing, right?

Impulsor Transport Vehicle

We knew it was coming. The issues around the Repulsor as an actual transport for Primaris models. The clues with Rhino parts and kits being phased out. And the blurred teases, we knew it was coming. And I actually quite like it.

It looks like a Rhino from the front, with some of those guns from the Tactical Warsuit on the top. I do like the model, but I will again need to see it’s datasheet before I decide if it will find a place on my army list. But I remain hopeful that it will be good. Because I will almost certainly buy the model anyway.

Angels of Death

I know Games Workshop would have addressed this anyway, but I am pleased this was clarified in this post, given the recent questions about what the keyword would mean.

What has been confirmed is that Angels of Death is the new overarching keyword which will incorporate all the Space Marine generic keywords, including Know No Fear, Bolter Discipline and the new keyword: Shock Assault.

This reminds me of previous editions of 40k, with bonuses to charging units. But in this, we also see bonus attacks when Space Marines have been on the receiving end of a charge as well. I wonder if any of my opponents will be more hesitant about charging me now? I know, probably not.

Well, that is pretty much it for the reveal. At least so much as the things we know. There was also a short teaser video with the tag line “The Warp Awakens” and an Imperial symbol of some kind, with an Eye in the middle. We shall see what develops.

Until next time, peace out.