In some genuinely fairly exciting news for Space Marine players (like me!), it would appear that the rumours of some new Primaris Models are true and, we might even get more than we previously expected.

In a satirical Warhammer Community post and video, we have episode 723 of Primaris Lieutenant Daily, we have a number of clearly intentionally blurred new Primaris models on a table in front of designer Darren Latham.

Whilst Wade is clearly excited to talk about a new Primaris Lieutenant model, Darren wants to discuss the new range of non-Lieutenant models the studio has been working on.

Making some educated guesses, and based on a much better image at the end of the video, we can see what looks to be a more transport orientated hover-vehicle, looking much more like a Rhino with some kind of roof mounted turret weapon.

We can also see what look to be the new Eliminator models, likely with the new Las-Fusil anti-tank weapon referenced in the Apocalypse Datasheets, as well as a new Redemptor Dreadnought model and a new model that looks to be a Reiver throwing a smoke grenade while launching at an enemy with its combat knife. Is this perhaps the new Lieutenant model Wade was hoping for, with their Phobos keyword?

There is some speculation as to whether the episode number(s) is a clue as to potential release dates. 723 in American format would be Tuesday 23 July, while 724 would be Wednesday 24 July. A Tuesday or Wednesday seems like an odd day to reveal them but then it is a Tuesday today as this new has broken so maybe we will get some more information on ones of those dates, with preorders going live on the following Saturday.

How would you feel about a proper transport option for Primaris Space Marines? Are you excited by any of the other predicted models? And does this mean the new codex may be closer than we think?

Leave a comment down below and until next time, peace out.