If you’re not following @PrimarisLt on Twitter, then you are missing out on some amazing content. Not least the new Primaris Lieutenant model they just previewed. Oh yeah, and there was a bunch of blurred new Primaris Marines in the background. Wide apertures for the win? Sorry, photography speak.

What We Can See

Right, let’s keep this one fairly quick because we sort of covered a lot of this before and it still speculation at this stage. The model we can see is a new Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos armour. The pattern of the smoke grenade on the floor is pretty clearly the smoke in a previous Rumour Engine image posted over at Warhammer Community.

Armed in a fairly standard looking Reiver get up, the Phobos armour is identifiable most easily by the shoulder pad design and the straps and pouches on the leg and chest. The pose is nice and dynamic and shows off the heavy bolt pistol and combat knife the Reivers are typically associated with. We also have the half-face mask with the skull design.

What We Can Sorta See

We then get a second image of the new Primaris Lieutenant, this time with the text “reinforcements incoming”. I actually think the second image is less telling than the first, as on closer inspection we have what looks to be intercessors or maybe hellblasters (note the light blue plasma-like weapon). There is the Librarian in Phobos armour on the left of the image with the Captain in Phobos armour on the right, behind the green crates and yellow pipe.

Bask in the first image though, we seem to have the new Primaris models we are all waiting for. The stand out parts of the image are the supposed hover-Rhino and ‘scout’ dreadnought. It’s arms and legs look rather spindly in this image. And on one of its hands it appears to have the Assault Bolter weapon we have seen on the Inceptors so far.

As for the troops in front of the vehicles, I am less sure. Most of us are expecting an Eliminators box set, with weapon options. But the ones on the left look more like a Devastator squad. And amongst the ones on the right there looks to be someone holding up a staff, so another Librarian maybe?

What I Am Expecting

What I am keeping in mind is that Shadowspear introduced a new Librarian tome which contained spells which affected models in Phobos armour. I do therefore expect a lot of these new models to have Phobos armour as a way of supporting that use of the keyword. The scout dreadnought is a weird one to me. But we all know Primaris marines are severely lacking in options for transport.

Right, let’s bring this one to a close. Drop the page a follow on Facebook or Twitter if you want new posts to appear in your feeds. And let me know what you think of the new Primaris Lieutenant model. Oh, and what do you think the new models could be?!?

Until next time, peace out.