As a returning player, whose memory of the hobby is largely based around the state of the hobby at the time of 4th Edition, I was genuinely excited to see the time and effort going into releasing the Battle Sisters as new plastic models.

I intend to go into more detail about the general increase in the quality of the moulds over the years, but with the latest Battle Sister Bulletin being released over at the Warhammer Community site, it was too good an opportunity to not report on.

Above we have most of the new renders released by Games Workshop in the latest Bulletin, and we get a good look at the range of the squad, and the telltale design elements of Games Workshop models in recent years.

Firstly, let us look at the detail on the armour. Covered with seams, studs and insignia, the combination of new moulds and clever designs means we get an incredible level of detail that remains suitable for a model of this size.

Second is the poses, something Games Workshop have acknowledged they are guilty of in a very tongue in cheek community post previously. The first rule of looking heroic is to find the nearest rock and put a foot on it. And failing that, decrease the amount of contact area between the model and the base by having at least one heel lifted to give a more dynamic pose, even if it does make it harder to hobbyists to glue them to the base (tongue firmly in cheek here).

The last image we are provided with is a painted model, donned in a helmet which we are assured every model will have the option for. No doubt there will be some amazing and creative colour schemes following their public release, but there is something about seeing a Games Workshop painted mini that gets the creativity flowing and anticipation rising.

I am not a Battle Sisters player, but I am preparing myself for rule of cool to take over at some point and necessitate a purchase. More than anything though, I am really pleased and excited to see a fairly marginalised and expensive to collect army get some nice new plastic minis.

Enough about me though, what do you think? Should we be excited by the new Battle Sisters plastic minis? Will you be getting any Battle Sisters when they are released? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, peace out.