Let’s not beat around the bush here, hats off to Games Workshop here for what is the potentially the most needed errata in the whole of 8th Edition.

For those of you unaware at this point, yesterday Games Workshop dropped a number of errata for the Space Marine codex and various supplements and psychic awakening books. In the designers’ commentary, it is openly accepted that Space Marines have become too powerful and, importantly, not fun to play against.

Therefore, in an attempt to curb this, Games Workshop has changed the wording for Combat Doctrines to set out that you have to cycle through them. This means that Iron Hands cannot simply start the game in the Devastator Doctrine and stay in this.

You now have to move into the Tactical Doctrine in turn two, and move on into the Assault Doctrine in turn three or turn four. Alongside this, they have also removed a stratagem which allowed you to revert back a doctrine. And lastly, they have reworded a couple of strats and warlord traits in order to address issues with Iron Hands having nearly indestructible vehicles and Raven Guard’s first turn charging Centurions.

Now really, this should not be a surprise. There are lots of signs of Games Workshop taking the competitive side of the game more and more seriously. Their shares keep rising with the combination of geek hobbies becoming more mainstream and the increased money in competitive gaming, more and more people are tuning in to streams of events and youtube videos of battle reports.

If you haven’t yet read it, I suggest you read the errata. Start with the designer’s commentary as I think this is the most revealing and perhaps actually more important in the long run than the errata themselves.

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