Please, don’t mind me. I’m just going to have a bit of a fanboy moment. A New Kayvaan Shrike is on the way.

*deep breaths*

One of my favourite models is getting an upgrade, and the model is also amazing. That’s right, Shrike has undergone the rubicon process and the Raven Guard now have a Primaris Chapter Master.

Let’s just take a moment to take in this glorious mini.

When Games Workshop first had existing characters undergo the upgrade to Primaris, I found myself thinking about which of the existing characters could undergo it and what they would look like. Lysander, Kantor and Vulkan all seemed fairly straightforward to me.

The Same, But Different

But Kayvaan Shrike, my favourite Space Marine character model, seemed more difficult. We haven’t seen lighting claws on Primaris models. And the jump packs of Inceptors seem too bulky compared to the iconic classic jump pack. And the beaky helmet!

But weirdly, they have pulled it off. No, they haven’t just pulled it off, it is a ridiculously great model. Using the grav chutes from the Vanguard models from Shadowspear is a great choice. These are much more low profile yet dynamic than the Inceptor jump packs. I am predicting that they give him the Phobos keyword.

Showing the face/hair of the character is an interesting choice. We all sort of knew he would have a fairly emo hairstyle. Including the beaky helmet on his belt is a great throwback, and gives hope for Raven Guard players for the rest of the range.

The lightning claw style is also really interesting. They remind me more of the Forgeworld model Tyberos the Red Wake and seem to provide more use of the hands than the previous ones, shown by Shrike holding a pistol in his right hand.

Speaking of the weapon, I have been going through the current range to find if that gun has been used before. It looks like the Heavy Bolt Pistol the Reivers use, but with a longer barrel or suppressor.

What do you think of the new Shrike model? Raven Guard confirmed as the next chapter to get a supplement? And should I start a Raven Guard army now?!?

Let me know below, on Facebook or on Twitter. And until next time, peace out.