Firstly, I am still alive despite Mother Nature trying to give me panic attack on the flight to Canada yesterday. Two periods of turbulence, one so bad that the Captain ordered the attendants to take their seats and drinks started going all over the place, but we made it safe and sound.

I am super excited to be in Canada. Me and Abi are on our honeymoon and have a rail tour of part of Eastern Canada planned, but first we have a few days in Ottawa to spend time with family and attend Abi’s cousin’s wedding. Which is going to be awesome.


This is my second time in Canada, third time over this side of the pond, but the first time we came to Canada we spent two weeks in Ottawa. I always found it interesting that Abi’s cousin’s thought Ottawa was pretty boring, but I really enjoyed it. There was lots going on whilst I know we did lots to make the most of being here for two weeks, it was definitely somewhere I could see myself spending a lot of time in the future.

Today is a pretty chill day, we’re going to do a little bit of shopping I think and be on hand in case any assistance is needed, before it is all hands on deck tomorrow to get the venue set up. Really happy to be able to help, Abi’s cousins were a huge help with setting things up and on the day of the wedding for us, and it’s nice to be able to repay that.

Right, off to go enjoy our holiday. Peace out, catch you later