Like all areas of life, the prospect of a new year and a new start is full of promise and opportunity. Hobby resolutions 2020 and the classic “New Year, New Army” are starting to do the rounds and I thought it would be good a time to go over where I am at with things and the plan going forward.

The Ultramarines

Everyone knows the Ultramarines. The boys in blue. My one true (hobby) love. And while I’ll never truly finish them as an army, they are a list which I am trying to limit my spending on. 2019 was an expensive year, so to speak, as I spend quite a few months upgrading to Primaris marines in an attempt to remain slightly more competitive in my local meta.

Now though, I want to really limit my spending on the Ultramarines to just things that help round out my lists and then on conversions for my characters. In fact, one of my first hobby resolutions I hope to complete is a conversion for my Gravis Captain, Captain Axathos Trigus.

Beyond a handful of purchases and conversions, the Ultramarines will actually be a key part in a couple of other resolutions. My friend Mike and I are planning a narrative campaign in which my main force will be Ultramarines, and I also intend to go to at least one tournament in 2020, hopefully, a couple or more.

While I am starting on some other lists, I feel like Ultramarines might be might best bet for at least my first tournament. Mainly because I know them much more than any other list I might prepare and I think on my first tournament I want to make sure I am least confident in my own list and abilities.

The Aeldari

As well as my Ultra Smurfs, I have also been working on a Ynnari list to try and give me a different way of playing. So far I have a 1,000 point Harlequins list and I was fortunate enough to get a Hemlock and Wraightknight for my birthday/Christmas. Next, I need the Ynnari characters and some Dire Avengers and I will have some options for lists at my local store.

New Year, New Army

Like most people in the hobby, I don’t really need too much of an excuse to start another army. And though I have tried to be fairly restrained this last year, the new Slaves to Darkness start collecting box is full of some amazing models, especially the Chaos Lord, and I couldn’t resist.

Some people may know this already, but my very first involvement in Warhammer was through a friend at school and the Path of Glory campaign that was running in White Dwarf at the time.

I used my pocket-money and the White Dwarf issues to help me start with my collection and I intend to build this in a similar vein. Just like before, I will be representing Team Tzeentch as I try to conquer the mortal realms.

Hobby Resolutions 2020

Right, let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns). What are my hobby resolutions for 2020? Let’s break it down:

  • Firstly, finish painting and basing the core of my Ultramarines. This means Intercessors, Infiltrators, Incursors, characters, etc. Anything which is likely to see the tabletop multiple times.
  • Secondly, start and see through the Vogen campaign with Mike, and potentially others who may get involved at some point. For more info on this, go give the campaign site a visit at
  • Thirdly, keep the blog going, and maybe even get videos etc sorted. I definitely want to do battle reports, and having painted models will help (as will remembering to take photos during the game). I’m not sure we’re quite ready for video reports yet, but we will see how the year goes.
  • Fourth, as mentioned above, go to at least one tournament in 2020. This will probably be a local tournament, I know there are a couple of independent stores in Leeds and nearby that host tournaments fairly regularly and I suspect these would be a good place to start.
  • Lastly, I want to make every effort to contribute to my local community. I have tried to do this throughout 2019, especially once I ‘settled in’ at my local store. The aim is to, for want of better terminology, put in more than I take out. I’m not completely sure how I can measure this, but it’s my general attitude to life so hopefully, it will continue over and just be something which at the end of next year I will just feel like I have done well with it

Right, not too much else to add at this stage I think so I’ll wish you all a happy new year and bring this post to a close. See you all next decade!