I continue to not have any home broadband, so no GTA Online or League of Legends for me, but I'm still getting my hours in on on my gaming...

I continue to not have any home broadband, so no GTA Online or League of Legends for me, but I’m still getting my hours in on on my gaming…

The biggest pull for me this week has been LEGO Lord of the Rings. I touched last week on the fact that at times it feels a bit messy as having the whole fellowship at once sometimes feels a bit messy, which is still true, but you do notice it decrease once you get past the end of the first book.

Anyway, for anyone familiar with the LEGO games you’ll know you generally have an initial play through using the default characters and then you go back and redo them all again in ‘free play’ mode where you can use practically any character from the story and generally you can now access areas that were otherwise restricted the first time around.

I’ve now finished my first play through and am now busy trundling through Middle Earth, uncovering secrets and re-doing parts of the story with characters that weren’t there first time, such as Legolas during the Battle of the Last Alliance.

I did get a few hours in on GTA V, although they have been spent mainly doing side missions as I don’t really want to complete it yet. It’s too much fun! The character Trevor is obviously a bit lacking in the upstairs department, and some of the things he does are terrible, but some of the comments he comes out with are absolute side splitters and I often find myself chuckling about some of them hours after I’ve put the controller down.

That’s pretty much it really. Once we get the internet sorted, Wednesday 19th October, then I’ll be cracking on with League of Legends and really can’t wait to get back in to that. No doubt I’ll be a bit rusty after a few weeks out, but I’ve got some new Champions I’m looking forward to getting to grips with, as well as a few of my mains itching to get back in to the Rift. Another bonus of having the internet is that it should also be better for me to stream with, so I’ll be able to get game play videos out there as well.

Right, enough of that I guess. Until next week!