For those of you with a local Games Workshop store, the store anniversary will likely have been a date to remember for the last few years, with an exclusive model available for one-day only, and a variety of bonus goodies available depending on how much you spend in store on the day.

It was, therefore, a surprise when Games Workshop announced that there would be TWO exclusive models this year, one each for Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar and, even better for me, for the armies that I collect(!).

First up we have Space Marines Sergeant Jovan, shown scanning the battlefield with his helmet off and leaning on his knee, foot placed on a felled Ork who still has Jovan’s chainsword stuck in his, or her, neck. The model is full of details, in particular, the battle damaged power armour, adding to the overall effect and saving the painter from having to add the battle damage effect themselves. Always a nice addition.

As for the Age of Sigmar model, we have Knight-Questor Larissa Shadowstalker in a dynamic pose, issuing a challenge to an enemy hero. Whilst this model does not include the extra details of the Space Marine character, such as the Ork head or battle damaged armour, it does feature a nice dynamic pose which I expect players to take advantage of during games. The weapon also looks great and fairly unique, befitting a named character.

As well as the models available to order, there are also the traditional bonus items you can pick up when you spend an as-of-yet unspecified amount of money in the store on the day, but include an ‘ammunition tin’ (lunch box?), a 40k book (a collection of short stories), a pretty nice looking black backpack (with interchangeable Velcro tag) and lastly a collection of prints in the always amazing art style and quality we have come to expect from Games Workshop.

The models above and the rest of the bonus items will only be available from your local Games Workshop store and only on that store’s anniversary. According to the original post on Warhammer Community, while the physical stock may be limited on the day, you will be able to order the model from your store on the day for collection at a later date.

I am pretty excited for the models, in particular, the Knight-Questor model as I slowly try to build myself a Stormcast Eternal army. We are expecting the models to be priced about £20 to £25 each, so it will likely be my only purchases that month but should be well worth it. These new models come in to play for any store anniversaries from 6th July 2019 to 5 July 2020, with my local store celebrating its anniversary on Saturday 28th September, so I will post more after I have spent the day at the store then. A full list of store anniversaries can be found here: Store Anniversary Dates

What do you think of the new anniversary models? Will you be picking one or both up? Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, peace out.