After the excitement of the weekend, me and Abi headed off on our honeymoon, starting with a couple of nights in Montreal. It wasn’t the best start, with some confusion over the weight of Abi’s suitcase on the train (weird, right?) but with some quick shifting of stuff into my bag, we were just about fine.

Trains in Canada felt significantly bumpier than in the UK, but there was plenty of room and free wifi the whole way. 2 hours later and we were pulling into Montreal. A quick stop at McDonalds for food and to steal some more free wifi and we were on our way. Unfortunately, only a quarter of the way to the hotel, the handle mechanism on Abi’s suitcase snapped. We tried to pull it using the handle wrapped through the small strap but this eventually broke as well and we were reduced to pulling it along by the little strap, which meant pretty much crouching along side the suitcase. By the time we got to the hotel, both of us were keen to just chill out for a bit before heading out for some food.

I let Abi choose where we went to eat and she found a cool looking burger place that we decided on. Abi had a Bison burger and I had ‘the Dude’ burger, which had a 4oz patty, bacon, cheese and bbq sauce. We both upgraded our side to poutine and I had a strawberry milkshake, made with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The burger was pretty damn awesome and I suspect I will do a burger review post as I continue to document all the awesome burgers I try.

After a night in one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in, we got up and set off on our adventure. First stop was Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, a massive domed Catholic church that provided some cool photo opportunities and some nice views. Then we walked over to Mount Royal park, a nice park on a triple peaked hill that the city is named after. We walked up to the Chalet on the side of the hill and managed to get some really nice pictures of the city before we headed off, needing to get downtown to buy a new suitcase.

The journey down was quite a bit longer than we expected, with various routes being fenced off but we eventually managed to get down to the bottom of the the hill and headed to a shopping mall in downtown Montreal. Once the suitcase had been bought, it was back to the hotel via Thai Express and we spent the evening chilling out, watching hockey and stuffing our faces on snacks.


Today, we leave Montreal and head off on another train to Quebec City, where we are staying for three nights. Abi tells me this train journey is about 4 hours, so I will try and get some more writing done. If we have wifi again, I might also try and get some photos from yesterday uploaded as the wifi in the hotel room struggled last night.

Right then, catch you later.