Good afternoon everyone. I trust this blog entry finds you well?

As is to be expected, a small hiatus has occurred in so far as I have not posted very much in the last couple of weeks. Just your standard reasons I’m afraid, although I have had a week away from work to spend some time up in Barnsley. This time, Abi got to come with me as it was half term and so she had no kids about to teach.

It was a good few days, including an evening of bowling (I won the first game with a fairly respectable score of 172) and a night at the hockey with my good friend Ryan and his missus. It was a good game for the Sheffield Steelers, who thrashed the Cardiff Devils 7-1. Early on in the game, it was quite tight and the young lad sat behind us who was cheering “we want 10, we want 10!” was getting a fair few chuckles but by the middle of the third period, he wasn’t the only one cheering!

I’ve also been out for a meal with a group of my friends from Luton (review of the restaurant available here) and been out around London to take some photographs, including a trip on the Emirates Cable Car which was fun.

I’ve also been working a little bit more on a side project that I’ve had stuck in my head for ages now and I’m finally starting to see it pick up some traction. With any luck, I should have an announcement to make about that in the next few months.

The last few days has seen my free time become consumed by an app on my iPhone called Adventure Time: Card Wars. Based off of a game which features in an episode of the cartoon of the same name, Nickelodeon have seen an opportunity to cash in and got this game out which is amazingly fun to play. Fairly simple if you’ve played other trading card games before, but still a lot of laughs, especially if you’re a fan of the show. If so, I suggest you go check it out.

Right, that’s about it for now I guess. I tried uploading a bunch of photos from my visit to London a few weeks ago in a gallery style post but I’m not completely happy with the way it is presented so I might have a play around and see if I can find anything else I can do instead. Otherwise, it would be hugely appreciated if you checked my page over at DeviantArt. I upload a new picture there every day so if you have an account, please subscribe and please leave comments and favourites where you feel appropriate.

Peace x