Let Madness Reign. This is the warcry of the Cypher Lords. The Cypher Lords are the final Chaos warband to be previewed before the release of the new Warcry skirmish game.

Originating from the Realm of Light, a realm more typically associated with characters such as Tyrion and Teclis, the Cypher Lords were revealed at the ATC, a three-day gaming event in America. They originate from a city called Nochseed.

The Cypher Lords are described as being the perfect warband for anyone that likes the seductive, almost civilised side of Chaos. They represent the esoteric cults and shadowy gatherings of nobles within cities all across the realms.

As I mentioned following the reveal of The Unmade, I am enjoying the stylised looks of the Warcry warbands. Pretty much all are showing a more nuanced look at the followers of Chaos than you typically find in Age of Sigmar and 40k.

The Corvus Cabal remains my favourite warband so far, but each has a great Chaos feel about them while remaining unique amongst the collective warbands.

With previews taking place at next week’s AoS Open Day, we can expect more news next week. I will be asking one of my friends who is attending to report back with his thoughts. We may even find that they are available to buy on the day or pre-order perhaps.

Tune in next time!

Speaking of AoS, there are some new posts coming over the next couple of days to watch out. A new battle report, where my Stormcast Eternals go up against Fyreslayers. And a hobby updates heavily featuring my Stormcast Eternals as they start to get their battle colours.

Which are your favourite of the Chaos Warbands? What non-Chaos warbands are you hoping for? And will you be getting involved with Warcry when it is released? Leave me a comment below, or message me on Twitter, and let me know!

Until next time, peace out.