It has been predicted for a while, and images in the Apocalypse rule book had plenty of people excited this weekend, but it has been confirmed that Chaos Knights are coming, and will be available to order next weekend!

Imperial Knights have been popular for a while now and, with the release of Apocalypse, we should only expect to see more of them stomping across the battle mat. And therefore it is only right that we see the release of Chaos Knights for those warlords who have pledged themselves to the Chaotic Gods.

As well as the new model kit which allows you to build either a Knight Desecrator (mid- to close-range) or a Knight Rampager (close-combat), we also have a new codex and data cards coming out to spend your pennies on.

Speaking of pennies, Games Workshop typically prices the Chaotic equivalents of vehicles as the same as Imperium versions, so I suspect the Chaos Knights box will set you back £85, with the codex and data cards cost being £25 and £10 respectively.

For more information, go give the Warhammer Community post a read and then let me know what you think of the new Chaos Knight kits!

Until next time, peace out.