War had once again arrived on the planet Konor...

Down at my local Games Workshop, a three-week campaign called Revenge for Konor. A fairly loose ‘campaign’, depending on if you are playing Imperium, Chaos or Xenos you get a different bonus effect and bonus objective to help you. Tasked with bringing 500, 750 and 1000 points depending on how busy it was, I took my Ultramarines down to the store with me.

500pts Ultramarines v World Eaters

Weirdly, this was my first game against World Eaters that I can ever recall. Certainly since moving and playing 8th Edition. But this was exciting for me. Because we sometimes struggle to get through a full game on a Thursday evening, even with just 1000 points depending on what time you start, we went with 500 points for our game.

My force consisted of:
Captain Trigus (my Gravis Captain);
Primaris Chaplain;
Chapter Champion;
2x 5 man squads of Intercessors with bolt rifles; and
1x 5 man squad of Intercessors with stalker bolt rifles

My opponent had, and forgive me if I am vague on the details but I am not completely comfortable with my knowledge of World Eaters, but it largely consisted of Kharn the Betrayer and a handful of units of Khorne Berzerkers.

The game was fairly one-sided in truth. With objectives to hold and the World Eaters having more than enough incentive to come to me, I did what Ultramarines do best and sat on the objectives and shoot at the Berzerkers as they came towards me.

With turn two and the tactical doctrine coming into play and buoyed by the successful turn one, I tried to charge the oncoming berzerkers and take the initiative. Unfortunately, the Intercessors, Chaplain and Champion were unable to make their charges (of varying difficulty). And that is where I should have stopped, in hindsight.

But nope, I did not stop there. I rolled for my charge for my Captain and low and behold, the slowest unit on the tabletop managed to make an 11-inch charge and got into combat with a bunch of Berkzerkers and managed to cut some down. Unfortunately, Kharn got himself involved the following turn and despite lashing out at some of his own troops for getting in the way, he managed to get the fatal wound on Captain Trigus.

I popped Only In Death and managed to take Kharn to hell with me, and with no leader the game was all but over for the World Eaters. In an attempt to make it at least somewhat interesting for my opponent (as I do really get on with away from the tabletop) I did charge things into combat with his units but succeeded in mowing through them and won the game quite convincingly.

Wrap Up

We went on to have a second game at 750 points, in which my opponent added more berzerkers, a helldrake and some demons. This game was much closer and but for an oversight on my behalf, I think it would have been a draw or a close Ultramarine win, but as it happened I wasn’t able to pull off the charge I needed in the last turn to take back control of an objective and get a kill more victory point.

I think the 500 point game showed what we all know, that Space Marines left to play in their element are brilliant. Intercessors by themselves are such good value for their points and combined with Scions of Gulliman, they can move and double tap at 30-inches and have so many resources to increase their ability to hit and wound that you’re rarely only hitting on threes, wounding on fours.

And with that, we move on to the next week and next phase of the campaign, so tune in again at the end of next week for another battle report. This time, with photos. Hopefully.