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In this episode of Battle Report, I take my Ultramarines up against Mike’s Deathwatch for the third time, as we continue to develop the story between our two armies.

The one drawback of our local community at the store is that all the factions I have played against have been some sort of Space Marines, including Chaos Space Marines. But whilst there has not been a huge amount of variety, I particularly enjoy playing Mike as whilst he does not go easy on me, he explains his decisions and then we always have a good natter afterwards to discuss strategy and how I can improve.

Having hastily thrown my army list together (adding an extra 500 points on to a 1000 point list I had previously made) I knew it would not be the most competitive list or even the most competitive list I could field. But I was looking forward to using my newest purchase, the big hero Bobby G (Roboute Guilliman) himself.

I started off forming a stationary battle line, taking advantage of the re-rolls from Bobby G on Bolter Discipline. This kind did of work in the first turn, but I suffered big casualties from Mike’s shooting as he got into range. Currently, I do not have many Intercessors, so Mike tactically chose to take out my Infiltrators who were camped on the left of my flank and a combination of good rolling from Mike and poor rolling from me resulted in the unit dropping dead pretty quickly.

In response to seeing the left flank of the battlefield drop, Guilliman took it upon himself to charge in to combat with a unit of Deathwatch who had recently appeared in the ruins of a building, along with a Watch Master, and quickly avenged his fallen brothers, destroying an entire unit and the Watch Master in one turn, effectively destroying his points worth in one fell swoop. Guilliman did take a number of wounds and even had to take a time out after taking too many wounds, but at the end of the round he found the strength to stand back up again, and with four wounds to boot!

Sadly this heroic example was not enough to turn the tide of the battle and while my characters and leaders stood tall, my infantry had all but crumbled and whilst I had held the objectives in my deployment zone, I had not been able to gain control of the one in the centre of the table and the ‘bonus’ objective for the previous rounds had been one in Mike’s deployment zone which he had held for the length of the game.

But while it was not technically a victory, I took a lot of positives away from the game. Not only did I get to see how ridiculous Guilliman’s aura effect is, but I managed to get him in to close combat and see how devastating he can be there.

Mike and I also had a good long chat after the battle about tactics and strategy. I have not done very well against Mike previously, and although he does not coach me during a game, we get right into it after the battle to go through things and after this game, I went home really invigorated to look over my list and try something new with a proper strategy involved.

Right, that is it for this report. I have another one planned for Friday where I look at an Apocalypse pre-release playtest I took part in recently.

Until next time, peace out.