So it’s been a minute since my last Battle Report. The reason behind this being that I have played Deathwatch a few more times and wanted something different for you. Good news though, I have had a couple of non-Deathwatch battles to write up about now!

I should clarify that I actually quite like playing Deathwatch because it means I am having a game against my friend Mike. But I realise it might not be the most interesting battle report to read back to back.

This was actually a fairly quick battle overall. 2000 points, I had taken Sergeant Chronos in a Land Raider Crusader, which was housing some Assault Termies, to take advantage of BS2+ on hurricane bolters and twin assault cannon. A bunch of intercessors with the Indomitus Veteran upgrade. The infiltrators from Shadowspear. A Primaris Ancient. A Vindicare Assassin. And Big Bad Bobby G.

And this was going up against, amongst other things, something like 30 poxwalkers, some plague marines, Typhus, a bloat drone, the characters from Dark Imperium, a proxied Daemon Prince and Mortarion. Mortarion! Damn, why did I have to leave Culexus assassin at home? Five enemy psykers!

And So It Begins…

Death Guard went first and the first turn was fairly straight forward. I took some wounds but it was largely like a zombie film watching a bunch of poz walkers run across the mat towards me. On my turn, Chronos charged the Land Raider forward and managed to take out a unit of 20 Poxwalkers in one turn, with the support of the intercessors.

Sadly, as would prove the case for the rest of the short battle, the dice gods remembered whatever crime it was I committed in a previous life and my rolling went downhill from there out.

My Vindicare whiffed pretty much every shot every turn, and aside from the Poxwalkers, I failed to kill an entire unit of anything else. I think I actually did more damage on Morty than anything else but he’s just a horrible tank that takes an age to die.

A Dramatic Finish…

The standout moment for me, which led to the defining moment of the game, was when my opponent charged Morty towards the flank of a unit of intercessors. After then losing an intercessor, I removed the one closest to Morty who found himself unable to get within an inch of the unit and susceptible to a counter charge the following turn.

Now, the issue here was that I did not know the stratagem Counter-Offensive existed. Yep. I had managed to get Bobby G into combat with Morty, tanking the overwatch attempt, before charging a bunch of Veteran Intercessors in. Choosing to go first with the intercessors, thinking Bobby G could just finish up at the end, Morty said: “No, me first”.

Morty then proceeded to smash Bobby G into the ground while Only In Death Does Duty End did bugger all. And while Bobby G did indeed come back at the end of the phase, he only came back with one wound. And proceeded to die the next turn.

As you can imagine, the battle went quickly south after that point and was over the following turn. 13 wounds in one phase on the Land Raider hurt in particular and I can see me retiring Chronos, despite having only recently bought the model.

My dice rolling was particularly poor this game, so I am taking a pinch of salt with that. But the biggest disappointment was me not knowing one of the universal stratagems. That was really amateur on my behalf.

Still, it was an exciting game and I learnt a lot. I have lined up a rematch with my opponent for this Saturday. I will try and remember to get some photos from the game this time for my next battle report!

Until next time, peace out.