On Saturday 20 July 2019, a Warhammer World in Nottingham, Games Workshop held the 2019 AoS Open Day. Throughout the day we saw releases announced, confirmed or made available for pre-order.


Of course, the topic of the moment is Warcry, which was available to playtest on the day. Some people were also lucky enough to paint and take home their own Iron Golem model on the day.

The Starter Set box comes in at £100 and features everything you need to get started playing a game of Warcry with a friend if you don’t mind sharing a rule book. It also contains:
– 8 Iron Golem minis;
– 9 Untamed Beast minis;
– 6 Furies and 6 Raptoryx (vile Chaos beasts who can invade your games);
– 20 fighter cards and 4 ability cards with rules for all the above;
– Loads of terrain features (and I mean LOADS!);
– A double-sided 22”x30” folding gaming board to battle on; and
– Terrain, deployment, victory and twist decks for generating awesome battleplans in moments.

Also made available to preorder were:
– Cypher Lords (£30);
– Warcry Ravaged Lands: Corpsewrack Mausoleum (£55);
– Non-Chaos faction Warcry rule cards (£5 each, full set for £45);
– Warcry ruler (£10);
– Warcry rule book (£25); and
– Warcry carry case (£20).

Two New Battletomes Announced!

Bringing the flavour back to more standard AoS themes, we have two new books announced. Earlier this year we were promised that every grand alliance in AoS would get at least one new battletome.

The first one announced was for the Destruction Grand Alliance, a battletome called Orruk Warclans. This book contains three sections, containing allegiance abilities and sub-factions for the Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz, as well as the third set of allegiance abilities for the Great Waaagh! – a combination of both forces.

The second is Cities of Sigmar, aimed at players of Order factions. Cities of Sigmar takes sub-factions as diverse as the Scourge Privateers and the Ironweld Arsenal and forges them into a single force.

Ogor Tyrant

Lastly, for the wrap-up, we had this absolute beast of a model, the new Ogor Tyrant. Now if you ask the people down at my local club, who know me well, they would tell you that the Ogre Ninja Maneater model is my favourite model currently on the webstore. And whilst this is true, I love most of the Gutbuster models, they are all great.

Look at the ninja grot as well!

But the new Ogor Tyrant is something special. Sure, the paint job helps sell it to me, but it really is an amazing mini.

The detail is, as we have come to expect, amazing. The trophy rack, the cracked rock in the hammer, the vials of some kind of potion. All of it adds to the imagery and background story that this guy has been wandering the realms. Killing anyone in his way. And you know he is a hero, of sorts, because his foot is upon a rock.

So there we go, a good day for Age of Sigmar players, plenty of things to get excited about.

Speaking of which, what are you currently excited about in Age of Sigmar? Did you get down to the AoS Open Day? Is there a new model or unit you’re looking to add to your list? Or will you answer the Warcry and pick up the starter set or a warband? Leave me a comment down below, or message me on twitter to let me know.

Until next time, peace out