We previously looked at the new Store Anniversary models, available when your local store celebrates it’s ‘Birthday’. Well, now that the date has passed, people have been able to get their hands on Space Marines Sergeant Jovan and, as expected, it contains a mini rule sheet for Intercessor Squads and some interesting changes for these Angels of Death.

The Problem With Jovan

What was not expected however was the wording on this datasheet, which differs in some rather curious ways to the current Intercessor datasheet. Let’s have a look.

The rule sheet included with Space Marines Sergeant Jovan

Right then, working from the top. First, we get some subtle changes to the wording. Rather than simply saying each model is armed with a bolt rifle, bolt pistol, frag grenades and Krak grenades, it instead gives the number ‘1’ before each. Not only does this feel clunky but it makes me wonder if there has been some loophole I have not been taking advantage of.

The current Intercessor datasheet in the Codex

Next, down the list, we have the weirdly missing bolt rifle weapon profiles. But, we do have a weapon profile for a chainsword, useful given Jovan’s weapon of choice.

Following this, we have a much longer list for sergeant equipment, including reference to an Intercessor Sergeant Weapons List. That’s right, a list which does not currently exist.

And whilst the idea of an Intercessor Sergeant with a hand flamer does sound pretty damn cool, this next one is the real talking point here. Where ‘And They Shall Know No Fear’ should be, we instead have ‘Angels of Death’.

Know No Fear, for those unaware, is a rule for Space Marine units allowing them to reroll failed Morale tests. It is intended to show the strength and determination of the Space Marines. The thing is, rerolling failed morale tests never really felt overpowered or unbalanced. It definitely feels like they are adding something, rather than taking something away.

Angels of Death

For those involved in the hobby for a while, Angels of Death is not a new term. Often used to describe the Space Marines, particularly in the fluff, it was also the name of a Codex Supplement in 7th Edition.

Now there is always the possibility that the inclusion Angels of Death is simply a typo. But given the vast differences between the datasheets, I am inclined to think it is intentional. I am even inclined to think Games Workshop has done it knowing it will get people talking.

An updated Space Marine codex, or similar supplement, is all but confirmed at this point. There have been so many new units and stratagems that I need to carry three books with me these days. Bringing everything together, or at least the new stuff is a necessary step.

What next?

The two main questions are what does Angels of Death mean in practice, and when will we get the new codex/supplement?

The first I touched on above. I predict it will be an evolved form of No Know Fear, giving the rerolls and something else. Or it could simply be a rename. I do not think they will take anything away.

As for the second question, I think later this year. We have had a good chunk of Age of Sigmar related news recently. And Chaos have had new models and rules recently. A jump back to the poster boys of 40k seems due, and I for one won’t be complaining. Although my wallet might.

What do you think of the implications of the new datasheet? Anything to be worried about? Excited about? Let me know below.

Until next time, peace out.