Dear Sirs

I write this letter to express my views in regard to Destiny, brought on by the information that is being released in preparation for the release of The Taken King.

First, allow me to set the scene: I had been questioning the point at which I was going to enter the ‘next gen’ of consoles but the pre-release information and media for Destiny had me hooked and I made the decision to plead with my girlfriend in to going half-sies on an Xbox One with Destiny bundle. As 9 September 2014 roles around, I even took the day off to take delivery of my Xbox and get a head start on my friends so that I could rule the competitive multiplayer aspect.

I’m sure I wont be causing any revelations with this next bit, but the story was weak. Even for a sci-fi FPS, the game created questions in the players mind that should never have been asked and came nowhere near answering them. To add to that the light mechanic to level up after level 20, whilst good in theory, proved troublesome by virtue of the sheer randomness of the drops.

But before the first expansion came out, I could forgive all that because the game-play was spot on. The actual shooting of enemies was fun, addictive and felt natural, which was what most of us have come to expect from Bungie. At one point I was even looking forward to the expansions, though this is perhaps because I wanted more story to be developed. But the release of the expansion brought about changes to the level cap and made much of the weapons and armour you had bought and fully levelled up irrelevant. I think this was a clear faux pas by Bungie, and suggested they had not thought ahead to how it would impact the players. I must admit, I felt like the last 20 hours I had spent playing the game were wasted at that point, because I now either had to convert my weapon in to the new. higher cap version (which in itself had a in-game material cost) or hope I find one as part of a random drop. Yeah, more random drops. (Spoiler, I never got around to even downloading the 2nd expansion pack, I was fed up by then).

Ultimately, I was left disappointed and with a sour taste in my mouth. I recently stumbled across the trailer for The Taken King and I very nearly got all warm and fuzzy inside. The new sub-classes and abilities look awesome and I hear a lot of other stuff has been fixed as well. But then I realised, this is how Destiny should have been when it was released, not a year on from release. And I’ve already spent £50 on the game at release and £35 on the expansion bundle. How much more is The Taken King going to cost? I saw $40, which is probably going to convert to £30 as we normally get screwed with conversions. Roughly £115, plus the 282 hours I put in to the game, (according to smartglass) for the game to be where I would have liked it to be on day 1. The warm and fuzzy feeling was quickly extinguished.

So Bungie I’m sorry, but I will not be buying The Taken King, no matter how good it may be. I think you got your approach to the game wrong in the first place but worse than that, you compounded your errors with each expansion. If anything, The Taken King should have been free considering the best things about it seem to be fixes.