My History with Warhammer

I first got involved in the Warhammer hobby around 15 years or so ago, and have had the fortune of experiencing it in a number of different ways and forms. My first exposure to Warhammer was seeing it in the Argos catalogue as a kid but it was never something I was able to get hold of back then.

At high school, I became friends with a boy from around the corner who played Warhammer and I started to attend the local Games Workshop in Luton where I started with the Lord of the Rings game, and attempted to get in to Warhammer Fantasy via the Chaos war band feature running in White Dwarf at the time, although I quite quickly dropped Warhammer Fantasy due to the complexity of the rules when compared to the Lord of the Rings game, and with my limited pocket money at the time I could only really afford to focus on one game.

Fast forward a few years and I discover my uncle had some of the older rule books for Warhammer Fantasy, as well the Battle for Macragge 40k starter set. I remember one evening playing a game of Fantasy on the kitchen table with nothing but some cut out bits of paper to represent models. My uncle very kindly gave me his 40k models, specifically the Space Marines he had painted up as Ultramarines (as per the box art) as he felt I would get more use out of them. I certainly got a lot of use out of them.

By the time I was 18 or 19 I had quite a solid collection of Space Marines and took part in a local gaming club. I became good friends with a number of the regulars, including the chap who ran the club as an extension of his shop which sold not only GW models but also other tabletop war games and trading card games.

However, just before I turned 20 I moved away from Luton and moved in with my aunt and uncle (the one who gave me his Space Marines) in Barnsley and worked in Leeds. Although I continued to visit the Games Workshop store in Leeds city centre over the years, my actual playing of the hobby died off. Over the next 10 years I continued to visit various stores as I moved but ultimately the commuting involved to get to a local shop/community was too much to actually play a game or socialise with other gamers on a regular basis and so I ended up just buying models and the occasional White Dwarf on the Rule of Cool theory.

Fast forward to December 2018 and I was in the process of moving to Wakefield, a city I knew fairly well from nights out and having a good friend that lived there. While in town I discovered an independent shop and then later an official Games Workshop store and now I go there on average once a week, more often than not twice a week.

About this Site

This site won’t just be Warhammer related, but it will certainly be the primary focus. As well as looking at the latest news and announcements that Games Workshop make, I will also offer my insight and thoughts on the subject. I have experienced Warhammer throughout several stages in my life, as a teenager with just his pocket money to spend, to an adult living with relatives with a good amount of expendable cash, to a money-conscious adult with bills to pay.

I will be honest with you, sharing what I think and calling things as I see it. I know that there are alternatives to Games Workshop games, I have tried a few of them and some parts are better while some parts are worse. Games Workshop also is not the only place to get Games Workshop minis, and you should not expect me to act like it is. There are totally legitimate reasons for purchasing minis from eBay or other websites and on occasions I may well explore those avenues.

One recurring feature I intend to have is “Tales of a Returning Gamer”, a blog-style series where I will look back at the ways things used to be back in my day and compare them to the way things are now, for better or for worse. Spoiler alert, it will mainly be that things are better now.