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Table Top War Games

Table Top War Games

I mentioned in my blog post on Thursday that I had a rather large collection of Warhammer miniatures and I thought that, given I would like to make some kind of regular feature based...

Love A Good Book!

I have many hobbies and interests, perhaps too many in Abi’s opinion who doesn’t share most of them. But one we do share, and the one which is probably the most demanding but also the most rewarding, is reading.

Gaming Round up – 08/10/2013

I continue to not have any home broadband, so no GTA Online or League of Legends for me, but I’m still getting my hours in on on my gaming…

Gaming Round Up – 30/09/2013

Because of the move that you may have read about in my latest blog post, I haven’t managed to get as much gaming time as I would do normally. And what time I have had, I haven’t spent it where I normally spend my time!