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Time for Game Developers to Level Up? Part 1

Are the current generation of games meeting the expectations of gamers? There is no denying most gamers are fickle creatures but with each new generation of consoles, gamers expectations have continued to increase. With Christmas...

Gaming Round Up – 16/10/2013

A couple of days late, I know. But I wanted to save this post until today as… I finally have broadband access again!

Gaming Round up – 08/10/2013

I continue to not have any home broadband, so no GTA Online or League of Legends for me, but I’m still getting my hours in on on my gaming…

Visit from the In-Laws

The last week has been odd. Nice, but odd. But I guess that’s to be expected when you move in to your first house with your partner. In some ways, it still hasn’t sunk in.