Review: The Drift Bar

Review: The Drift Bar

Just over a week ago me and a group of friend met up after work on a Friday night and went for meal to celebrate our mate’s birthday, as well as another one of the group going to work abroad for 6 months. After having initially tried to get booked in at a few different burger places and steak houses, we ended up going to The Drift Bar, found inside the Heron Tower, a short walk from Liverpool Street station.


Downstairs, there is a bar that goes down one side of the building which is rather cramped and has a very ‘try hard’ feel about it. Something about the sign and the champagne bottles everywhere just doesn’t fit together properly.

After getting our table, I was hopeful that this was going to be a good evening. I’d checked the menu before hand online and it didn’t seem to be too badly priced, and as we had booked a table to 9 of us, we had this nice little area in the far corner to ourselves. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, that was about as good as it got. We ordered drinks and these came after some time, but despite us being ready to order our food, we then had to wait another 15-20 minutes to be able to actually order these. Then there was delays in the food getting to the table and in each instance that two of us in the group had ordered the same thing, one was missed when the food came to us.

Considering the table had been booked for 8:00pm, I was pretty shocked to see it was just before 10:00pm by the time we actually had our mains brought to the table (and even then one had been missed, as above). One of my mates complained about the standard of the service, as well as his steak being over cooked, and the manager apologised and offered a free round of drinks for us, as apparently he couldn’t do anything in regards to discount on the food.

Overall, the meal wasn’t a great experience. I ordered a burger which I then ended up pulling most of the toppings off and it ultimately turned out to be a plain burger with no real justification of the price. The chips were nice, but again nothing special. Indeed, the best part of my meal was the company.

In defence of the manager, he admitted that they were too understaffed to really be doing food that night but there were an awful lot of other people eating and nothing was said before or at the time of ordering. A simple word of warning when we got to the restaurant would have certainly helped manage our expectations. A shame really.

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