It’s OK to be S.A.D

It’s OK to be S.A.D

You may, or may not, have noticed this is my first entry for a while. I haven’t even done a gaming round up entry this week. And the truth is, things haven’t been too good…

Last Thursday, I noticed I was getting bored and agitated really easily. Whereas GTA V had previously kept me entertained for hours on end, I could now only manage 15 minutes before getting bored and switching it off. And then going to read my book, I’d only manage about 5 or 6 pages before I was again bored and wanting to do something different.

And I get short tempered with people, which is something I hate about the whole situation. Particularly as I tend to try so hard to not take it out on anyone at work that I get home on an evening and let it all loose on Abi, who definitely doesn’t deserve it.

This is the third year I’ve shown these kind of behaviours/symptoms and each year has got worse so far, so I’m kind of thinking I might need to do something about it this year. And IT, I believe, is Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.

Let me be clear about this, I know that most people, if not everyone, finds that they change in one way or another through the winter months. But it affects some people more than others, and in different ways to others. I’ve not had this diagnosed by a doctor, and I don’t like that it’s called a ‘disorder’, but I do believe that the symptoms I show are linked to the time of year.

The funny thing is, I only realised last year, after having gone through it getting pretty bad, what it was. Ironic, when my ex-girlfriend used to suffer pretty badly from it. We even bought her a light to see if that would help. But in myself, I didn’t realise for a while. And actually knowing this year is making it a lot easier to deal with.

Last week, I couldn’t work out why I was feeling so figgity and agitated all the time and why I would be really short with Abi. After a couple of days though, I sat down and thought about it and made the connections. Now that I know, I can take steps to minimise the symptoms and I already feel a bit better. Not brilliant, but I’m coping.

I’ll try and make sure I do some more regular posts. I’ve got a bunch of half written photography posts that I’m sorting out, so you can keep an eye out for those but otherwise I’ll be doing a gaming update and possibly another blog post this week.

Stay shiny

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