Love A Good Book!

Love A Good Book!

I have many hobbies and interests, perhaps too many in Abi’s opinion who doesn’t share most of them. But one we do share, and the one which is probably the most demanding but also the most rewarding, is reading.

When I’m reading a good book, said book requires a commitment from me. This more for my sake than the book’s, for if I’m not careful I run the risk of reading half a book and never finishing it. I have to commit myself to making sure I don’t leave too long a gap between putting it down for a bit and picking it back up again. Otherwise, I run the risk of going back to it after a while of not reading it, forgetting where I was in the book and getting bored re-reading it again.

However, there are very few feelings quite as emotional as finishing a good book. And I think that is why people who read, generally read an awful lot of books. And those that don’t read all that often, do tend to start reading more often once they have finished a good book.

My all time favourite book is definitely The Lord of the Rings. No question, this is my go to book in the rare instance that I have read all the books I currently own and is often the book I take away on holiday with me to read. To date, I’ve read the entire trilogy (and it’s various appendices and forewords) 13 times now. And I still don’t get bored of it.

Another book I’ve re-read recently is The Fault in our Stars, by John Green. Whilst it is almost definitely a book that falls in the grey area of ‘young adult fiction’, I know people of all ages that have read and enjoyed this book and I would definitely suggest you go read it if you haven’t already. And if you have, leave me a comment letting me know how you found out it.

Currently though, I’m reading the autobiography of Arsenal legend, Dennis Bergkamp. Normally, I don’t go for autobiographies, especially those written by sports personalities. But Dennis Bergkamp was so much more than just another player for Arsenal and this is not just another autobiography with a view to cashing in on it. This is a book that has been prepared in a very unique way and one that is genuinely trying to tell a story, from a number of angles.

So yeah, I love a good book! Let me know what your favourite book is, and what you’re reading currently!

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