Gaming Round Up – 16/10/2013

Gaming Round Up – 16/10/2013

A couple of days late, I know. But I wanted to save this post until today as… I finally have broadband access again!

So, over the last week and a bit, I’ve done a fair amount of gaming and with the return of decent internet, I’ve managed to get back to my number one game, League of Legends. And boy is it good to be back. But I’ll get to that later.

So I’ve managed to play a fair amount of GTA V and it continues to be brilliant. In terms of progression, I feel like I’m right near the end of the main story line. I’ve barely touched the collectibles or stunt jumps etc so I’m looking forward to getting around to those. I’ve also had a quick play online, just to have a look see and I get the feeling it could be super awesome, especially with friends online but as I was the only one on my friends list, I was with a bunch of strangers and that is always dangerous!

Pokemon X
At the weekend, Abi very kindly treated me to Pokemon X. Now I’m a huge Pokemon fan and have owned every game form the main series, as well as a few of the spin offs. I’ve also completed the Pokedex a number of times, so like to think I’m pretty established as a player. I got the game on Saturday afternoon and have spent a fair amount of hours in it. I’ve got 5 badges now and am on my way to the sixth gym. If I can get a decent picture of my squad, I’ll upload it for you to have a look at. I’m enjoying the game though, especially as you get to pick up quite a few of the originals and fan favourite Pokemon quite early in the game. The mega evolution is a bit weird, not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though.

League of Legends
Here we go, the main reason you’re here! After a few weeks out, it was nice to be back. I’ve hit level 20 now, so I’m starting to build up my rune pages and really starting to take my game seriously. Like, I’ve been watching quite a lot of videos of people playing the game and questioning their decisions and working out why they are doing what they do. And it seems to be working. I tend to play support, and I still need to work on my warding a bit, but I’m getting there and starting to take a more vocal role in the team.

Sona35s161013 Sona5s161013

These two scores are probably the games I learnt the most from. In the top one, we had one of the summoners on our team pick Jinx, who is so over powered by the way, and then called mid. Fair enough, Jinx can play mid but he didn’t seem at all bothered that we didn’t pick another ADC for bottom lane and then wasn’t willing to swap lanes with the Diana. Jinx was just a toxic player all game, and ended up feeding to boot, but me and Diana controlled bottom lane well and the rest of the team rallied for ‘Team Diana’ and we went on to snowball around the map, racking up the kills. Unfortunately, Jinx didn’t help out in a pretty vital team fight and we ended up being aced, and the game was over.


These two games were interesting but for different reasons. They were ARAM games, so were mainly just to pass a bit of time without the same commitment needed for a full game of 5s but you end up with random champions. Both Annie and Draven are champions I’ve never played before and I must say, I wasn’t blown away by Annie. Her Q and Tibbers were pretty cool, but overall I found her a bit underwhelming. Draven was fun though. I couldn’t quite get the hang of catching his axe, but I got better as the game went on and despite a rough start, I ended up even on my Kills/Deaths and picked up a few assists. I even had one of their team raging at me for a couple of snipe kills.

So yeah, that’s that I guess. I’ve rambled on for a while now. Going to go back and play some more League before it’s time for bed!

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