Gaming Round Up – 30/09/2013

Gaming Round Up – 30/09/2013

Because of the move that you may have read about in my latest blog post, I haven’t managed to get as much gaming time as I would do normally. And what time I have had, I haven’t spent it where I normally spend my time!

I have played a few games of League of Legends, but none of them particularly stand out as being great or interesting. I’m still level 19, although now very close to level 20, and since I got paid recently I bought some RP and spent in on a couple of characters and some skins (this will be updated later, check back soon!).

I’ve continued to put in an hour or so a day on Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS. This tends to be the daily sort of activities, such as general upkeep of my town, the money stone and collecting fossils but I also try and look out for special guests to the town and that kind of thing. Unfortunately I’ve missed ‘Ol Joan the turnip seller last couple of weeks so no news on that front, but I’ll let you know next weekend how I get on with that.

GTA V on the Xbox360 is where most of my gaming time has been spent, and it is a brilliant game, easily the best of the GTA games so far. I don’t really want to go too in-depth so as to avoid spoilers and to stop this becoming a review but I’m really enjoying it and I think the heist mechanics are brilliant.

I also got a couple of hours in on LEGO Lord of the Rings yesterday and it seems pretty good, if not a bit too big. Initially I thought having the whole fellowship and their different abilities would mean you get loads of secrets early on but actually, sometimes it feels like too much messing around. Still, I do like the LEGO games and it should be good fun going back through the missions on free play mode.

Right, I think that’s everything I’ve been playing really. I did load up Football Manager 2013 but got distracted by the Xbox360 being plugged in. Oh well

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