The Big Move

The Big Move

I seem to have this uncanny knack at restarting my blog at really busy times in my life. This latest one being the move from me and Abi living at her mum’s house in Berkhamsted, to a flat in Sutton, Surrey.

Well, this weekend just gone, it happened. We bundled everything in to the back of Abi’s little car and my Dad’s rather bigger (but still not big enough) Vauxhall Zafira and bundled down the M25. That was, until we got stuck in the traffic jams. The traffic jams that made us late for the inventory check and meant we only managed to sign the tenancy agreement about 20 minutes before the shop closed for the day.

The flat itself is nice. It’s from the 60’s so the rooms are of a decent size, however the bathroom suite is a rather yellowy-green colour. That’s not great. Unfortunately, there was a problem. There was no bed. In a fully furnished flat. As previously stated, the office was now closed for the day so we had to make do and are hoping that it will be sorted soon!

So yeah, fairly significant changes going on right now. On top of getting the bed, and a few other minor things, sorted we just really need to get the internet organised. Then I can get back to playing League if Legends!

So yeah, until next time. Peace x

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