LoL Round Up – 14/09/13

LoL Round Up – 14/09/13


This game was a lot of fun and one we shouldn’t really have lost (the kills were MASSIVELY in our favour), but a badly timed ace against my team very late in to the game (everyone basically had final builds) and we ended up with our Nexus getting destroyed. Still, I played primarily as a support for our team and in particular Ashe who definitely knew what she was doing. I learnt in this game that when Ashe and Lux combine, you have some serious poke to play around with!


This was another very fun game, although we managed to win this one. Having learnt from the game above about how effective Lux’s Lucent Singularity is against enemy champions, as well as minion waves, and it really paid dividends in combination with Lucian. To be honest, I’ve never seen a Lucian have as much impact in an ARAM as he did in this game. This game didn’t last quite as long and I didn’t die nearly as many times, so my build was still someway off being finished, but I still managed to rack up 11 kills and 28 assists.


After having played against a Janna in nearly two thirds of the games I played yesterday, I managed to pull her myself and get my first play around with the Storm’s Fury herself. The crowd control off her Q is amazing and the shield from her E also gives an AD bonus to the person you select which is nice (as well as being able to select turrets and claim any kills the turret makes whilst shielded!). It took me a couple of goes to get used to her ult, I was a bit underwhelmed at first but when I used it properly it was pretty cool. Was very impressed by Janna and although we didn’t win, I definitely enjoyed the game and learnt a lot about a champion I’d never played as before.


The last game I’m going to talk about and again, it ended in defeat for my team. I ended up as Alistar, one of my least favourite roles to play (I’m not so good with actually running in and hitting stuff!) but I decided to make the most out of it and try and have some fun. The Rengar and Lux on my team knew what they were doing and I noticed early on that the enemy team was focusing me, so I acted like a bull that had seen red and ran in the whole enemy team, knocking them all up in the air and, although I lost my life in the process, it ended with an ace for our team as every single champion on their side focused me and got obliterated by Rengar diving out the bush and Lux firing her lazer! A brilliant opportunity to through down my favourite quote from the film Wanted “just a motherfucking decoy!”. But I digress, again we had some fun, had some crazy plays and the game was so back on forth I was almost hypnotised by it. Again, we pushed a bit too hard, got aced and lost the game. But there you go, these things happen.

So yeah, those were the highlights from a good 10 hours of play yesterday. I did win a butt load of games as well, but sometimes winning isn’t as fun as going out swinging!

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