Blog – 14 February 2016 – Catching up

Blog – 14 February 2016 – Catching up

It’s been a long minute I guess.

The start and middle of January, I had loads of creative juices flowing (phrasing!) and was largely a couple of days ahead of myself for this thing. I had even built up some courage and was getting ready to start doing some YouTube videos again, as I think I mentioned in a couple of previous posts. Perhaps it was the calming effect of the office having been closed for nearly two weeks but having gone back to work, I have found it really draining on me, both physically and mentally. Add to the situation that the mic on my headset has broken and I am now having to run some convoluted set up through my PC just to have party chat with my friends on the Xbox and it kind of loses it’s appeal.

The thing with the blog is, I hate writing posts that feel half arsed or not well thought out. It’s one of the reasons my book never gets past the first few chapters because I always have to go back and make it perfect, except perfect never happens here. I’ve got about 4 half written posts and even more that are just the title and first paragraph that I have wanted to write since the beginning of January. But for one reason or another I lose the motivation or interest or self belief so quickly at the moment and I hate myself for it.

So, self-loathing aside, let’s see what I can do before the end of the month. I have plenty of things to be excited about between now and March, including a 5ish hour bike ride, 2 gigs and a night at the theatre. I’m properly stoked about these things, I really am. And maybe if I take each on as a stepping stone, things wont seem so bad. Perhaps. Anyway, enough of this, go enjoy what is left of your weekend.

Peace x

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