Blog – 6 January 2016 – YouTubers

Blog – 6 January 2016 – YouTubers

A bit late in the day for a blog, but it has been a few days and I wanted to write something. The reason for the few days of quiet time was simply whilst I got myself adjusted to be back in ‘working’ mode. Having my alarm going off at 6 o’clock has been a bit of a shock the system after nearly 2 weeks of not having to get up at all if I did not want to, but I think I am back in the normal flow of the working routine.

One of the main thoughts I have been having recently is about getting back into making YouTube videos. Not that I was ever a particularly committed ‘YouTuber’, I made about 4 videos of me playing Minecraft before my MacBook became too full of crap to run both a game and recording software. But it is something I have been wanting to get actually into for a while but my lack of self confidence means I almost always have an excuse to not ‘just do it’. Which is somewhat self defeating because one thing I had hoped to get out of doing the videos was increased confidence as more established YouTubers that I follow regularly make comments about how much they have changed since their first videos. And you really can tell a difference, in both their commentary and the confidence they have and in the quality of the presentation of their videos.

On the topic of YouTube and YouTubers, I thought maybe I could mention a few of my favourite ones, in case you were interested in finding regular videos to watch.

The first is a chap called Louis Cole and his channel ‘FunforLouis‘. I have only started following Louis in the last few months but he posts pretty much daily vlogs of him on his travels as he goes around the world and has taken part in a number of charitable or similar things, as well as actual holidays. Aside from being super jealous of the fact Louis gets to travel for a living, though he has obviously had to work to get in this situation, his attitude to life is infectious and having a little slice of that nearly every day has been great for the last few months.

The second is a channel called ‘vlogbrothers‘, hosted by brothers John (author of The Fault in our Stars, Paper Towns and other YA books) and Hank Green (entrepreneur and musician, according to Wikipedia) who between them has since created VidCon, the world’s largest video creators convention. Vlogbrothers started as a sort of experiment called Brotherhood 2.0 on 1 January 2007 in which they were only allowed to communicate with each other through alternate daily ‘vlogs’ which they would upload to a shared YouTube channel. They have since reduced this to one video each a week on the main channel but also have a number of other channels, including educational channels like SciShow which is also definitely worth a watch, which they manage. Full of inside jokes these days but very easy to work out, Vlogbrothers was one of the first channels I subscribed to when I started to become addicted to YouTube.

Lastly, for today’s blog at least, is a channel called Dude Perfect. DudePerfect is in short, a channel which creates trick shot videos. It started off with a bunch of mates chilling in the back garden and decide to film themselves making some crazy shots with a basketball hoop and quickly grew from there. Now, they work with some of the biggest household names to create videos that leave you trying to work out if they are real or not but the energy and enthusiasm they have is, like with FunforLouis, infectious and I cannot help but get psyched up when they sink a ridiculous basketball shot from the roof of a football stadium. Whilst they have admitted to playing up to the mysticism surrounding how real the tricks in their videos are, they have also admitted that the videos take a long time to create because of the amount of missed shots that occur for every one that does go in and like to believe that whilst the don’t get these on their first try and a lot of effort goes in to the set up of the shot, they do get it eventually and that is part of the reason why they celebrate so wildly when they have nailed one.

These are only a few of the channels that I watch but are certainly the ones I have been watching a lot of recently. Perhaps next week I can share so more channels that I am subscribed to. Until then, as Louis ends his videos with: Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure. Boom.


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