The Best of 2015

The Best of 2015

With 2016 just a couple of days away, and tomorrows post dedicated to looking ahead to 2016, today seems like a good time to look back at 2016, and some of the best bits of it, such as games, films, song and… well, maybe I’ll think of another category.

Best Film of 2015
The temptation here is to take the easy choice and go with Star Wars The Force Awakens, and I was close to making it to be honest with you. Despite the incredible expectations on it, they managed to pull it off and it is definitely a great film. But for me, the best film of 2015 was Mad Max Fury Road. As someone who had not seen the previous films, I was a little apprehensive about seeing this but I knew that it had a lot of people saying it was going to be good and it did have Tom Hardy playing Max, so that was definitely a plus. Having been unable to persuade Abi to watch it with me, I went to our local cinema by myself and settled in for what would turn out to be a super adrenaline pumping, visual feast. I mean, who would have thought the post-apocalyptic world would be so colourful? As well as Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron puts in a great performance as Furiosa and Nicholas Hoult is amazing as Nux, being involved in pretty much all the best scenes of the film. Something I really like about the film is that the camera work manages to do an excellent job (nearly perfect, really) of keeping you focused on the right part of the screen, despite all the different things going of in the background. It really is a visual masterpiece of a film.

Best TV Show of 2015
I had to have a think about this and try and remember what shows I had seen this year. Quite a lot of my TV was further series’ of shows and Archer is definitely up there as one of my favourite TV shows ever and manages to do something that only shows like South Park have managed to do and get better with each series (I cannot wait for the next series in the new year!). But having thought about it, I think Daredevil is the winner of my favourite show this year. Released in the way Netflix release everything, and so able to be binge watches straight away, the way Daredevil introduces the Hells Kitchen area of the Marvel Universe is very clever and shows consequences of the Avengers films that the films themselves don’t touch on in any great way.

Best Game of 2015
Game of the year is a tough one as it was not really until September that any huge titles got released. I expect some areas of the gaming press will argue for The Witcher 3 which, whilst looking very pretty, did not hold my attention for very long as I had built it up to be something it wasn’t and so was more excited by the prospect of Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited being released on consoles. This kept me and a couple of friends busy for a good while and I certainly enjoyed my time running around Tamriel but ultimately it began to suffer from the same things that had put me off Destiny some time ago: the ‘End Game’ stage. Once we hit level 50, and completed the story line, there really wasn’t much to keep me interested enough to put up with all the grinding that was required to progress and ultimately it found itself on the ‘no longer played’ pile of games. Next came Gears of War Ultimate, which got a good play through on the Co-op campaign but I was never very good at the multiplayer and it didn’t hold my attention for long enough. Halo 5 would certainly win based on the game I was looking forward to the most but an underwhelming campaign with dodgy team-AI let it down, and the multiplayer seems to have some issues (which I intend to discuss in another blog). Ultimately, the game that I have played the most and enjoyed the most this year has been NBA 2K16. Not likely to win most people’s games of years, I admit, but the myCareer mode (be a pro, essentially) has kept me hooked and has ultimately been my go to game ever since I got it.

Best Album of 2015
There isn’t really a choice here for me, the run away winner is Every Open Eye by Chvrches. Their second album, following up from the Bones of What You Believe. I was introduced to Chvrches through my friend Ryan and it really ticked all the boxes for new music for me to listen to, with a great mix of songs but none of them feel out of place. In fact, across both albums, there are no bad songs. Chvrches were also the second best gig I went to this year, beaten only by the Fort Minor gig I went to in September.

So, there are a few different ‘Best X of 2015’. Tomorrow’s post will be looking at New year’s Resolutions and what I’d like to achieve from the year ahead.


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