Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Despite all the problems I have with this general time of year, due to the S.A.D, I love Christmas. Christmas did lose it’s ‘special-ness’ for a while some years ago. I was old enough to generally buy anything I wanted, when I wanted them, so Christmas started to become this weird, awkward time where my family wanted to know what to buy me and there really wasn’t much I didn’t have (first world problems, I know). But when my eldest niece came along, it all changed. And now that I have 3 nieces, Christmas is pretty awesome.

I fully expect it to reach a whole new level of awesomeness once me and Abi have kids of our own but now, I really is all about the giving. I feel a bit selfish this year because we didn’t send their present to them in the mail, instead we are waiting until Sunday to give them to them ourselves. But I think they will like the idea of Christmas being extended in some small way and it’ll be worth it to see the looks on their faces when they open their presents.

I’m also in an odd situation in that 25 December is also the birthday of two people close to me, Abi and my Dad. So I get to give them both double the amount of presents which is awesome!

i hope you all have a great day today and enjoy the time with your family and friends. I’m fortunate to have some time off work now and so I intend to get as much stuff in my life sorted as possible, ready for a positive start to 2016. Watch this space!

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