Alienware Alpha console review

Alienware Alpha console review

I’ve had my new PC for a month now and, so far, I must say I am very happy with my purchase. The PC I bought was an Alienware Alpha, what was meant to be their contribution to the Steam Machine world before Valve decided to delay the release of the SteamOS and the controller. The Alpha still serves very much the same purpose as the Steam Machines were going to do though, that is to say they are meant to be a console alternative. The Alpha comes in a (very) small form, not much bigger than an Xbox 360 controller and has variable levels of specs available when you purchase it.

I went for the mid range option, running an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 2GB specicially built NVIDIA GeForce graphic card. In real terms, this means that I can play most of the games I play with high or max graphics settings and have no problems at all with my frame rate. The Alpha ships with a wireless 360 controller and a receiver and, thanks to a custom Alienware interface, means you can simply plug it into you TV and use the controller to access and play your Steam library. As I already have an XboxOne, I had not purchased it for playing games that require a controller. Certainly, I don’t expect to be buying GTA or even FIFA on the PC, I would still rather use my xbox for that. However, you can simply plug in a keyboard and mouse and access the traditional Windows 8.1 desktop and it works like a normal PC. a relatively high spec, very small form PC. THIS is what I purchased it for.

Since the Alpha got delivered I have played a number of different games and, although none are particularly reliant on having huge amounts of RAM and a beastly graphics card, I have been very happy with how it has performed. When playing League of Legends, I am now one of the first to have their game reach 100% and, even when playing with Ultra graphics settings, it no longer lacks out on me when I try and pull of my burst combos. Even Football Manager runs smoother and loads each day up quicker when you click ‘continue’.

I’ve put some pictures of the Alpha below. Indeed, the reason it has taken so long to get this post sorted is because I have had to try and remember all the different programs that I had installed over the years on my MacBook that I wanted to install on this PC. I forgot that i may want to install iTunes so that it can link with my iPhone and I can get the pictures off there.

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So yeah, I am rather proud of my purchase. If you’re interested in seeing more, please follow the link here and have a look (though you may want to select the correct region for you)

Until next time, peace out x

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